March 16 2020 (Monday)

Pa: 欺負你的老公。你很聰明。你贏了。

Mom: 你是自私的老人. 你是evil的,你知道嗎?

Mom and dad had been arguing since last night. It started with mom wanting dad to stand in front of her while she poos. (Quite inconsiderate on mom’s part, i thought. Numerous times, i too have done that for mom, standing in front and facing her, encouraging her to poo.)

After pa had wiped mom’s bottom, mom continued to give instructions on how to help her. That’s when pa blew up, shouting at mom. (In my case, when i needed to wipe mom’s butt, mom would instruct me not to wear any of the precious disposable gloves. With a smile, i would hold my breathe and gently wipe her butt with the gloves. From mom’s perspective, i am wasting gloves because i use a new pair of disposable gloves each time i am serving foods or doing chores. From her perspective, it’s cheaper to wash my hands with soap and water?? But there’s a common house rules, don’t waste water and detergent of all sorts. )