March 21 (Saturday)

I remembered the night pa was in the hospital, mom had me go up and down the stairs numerous times. Each time i went down, i helped her to adjust her position to the comfort that she requested, brought her to the toilet, stayed with while she tried to poo and pee. When i explained to mom, in a gentle manner of course, i need to go to sleep, else i get sick. Mom started to scream loudly, “stop, you are hurting me!” I calmly told mom, “no mom, i am not hurting you”. She continued to scream. That’s when i decided to start recording to keep a record of my innocence. I sat down on the chair and started recording. “Mom there’s only the two of us in this room right now. And I am not hurting you, mom.”

My sis later explained to me that she behaves like that because of her parkinsons disease. I beg to differ, this is the mother i remembered. It is her character.

I did go back up to sleep eventually. Under my blanket and in the dark, i prayed for mom.

Morning came, and she was fine. We got dressed, took the bus and visited dad in the hospital. Pa seemed happy in the hospital. Probably get better sleep in the hospital than with mom😓.

Mom and dad, they are inseparable. They argue a lot but they also provide companionship for each other. Just like a movie, you have to watch from the beginning to understand. I cant say that i understand their relationship. But i do know they are inseparable.