May 05 2020 Hurt Pockets

Parents forced tiger sib to buy and contribute to homes that she didn’t like, so as years go by, tiger sib, continued to invest her money mainly on buying homes that she liked.

When a person is told he can’t do a certain thing, the more he wants to do that thing. So give freedom to our loved ones. We can give guidance, but one day, their conscience will speak to them and they might come around and do the right thing.

Peter, builder engineer, who speaks Malay with very little accent will be coming shortly to work on the bathroom and kitchen project at 8 a.m. this morning.

Stoma (discharge faecal matter)

Mom and dad kept awake all night. At 5 am pa was hungry and i smelled mom reheating the soup i had prepared earlier. So breakfast served a little later this morning.

Peter and Ethan; work in laundry room begins

Mr. Phin and nomo (mom’s carer) came as well. Brother arranged new beds for mom and dad.