May 11 2020 Monday jewelry dispute

#2 to #1 “go to family home, take jewelry and distribute”

#1 obeyed by going with grandmom… then grandmom had regrets because #2 selected the good ones and only left small pieces. #4 wasnt at the meet.

Then there’s dispute over Taka jewelry. #2 has receipt. Box and jewelry in #4’s room. #1 accused of being a trouble maker when worn over #1′ s neck.

#4 and #2 both claimed Taka belonged to them.

#2’s partner extremely upset that #1 doesn’t believe jewelry belong to #2. But what #2’s partner doesn’t understand is grandmom was safeguarding jewelry for #2, as grandmom doesn’t want jewelry to fall into the hands of partner’s daughters.

#2 upset with partner for not buying her more expensive jewelry. #2 used this event to expressed her feelings toward jewelries.


Mom’s poo and pee on the floor this morning



Mom didn’t want me to check her pump this morning. It’s now 17:07.

Mom’s pump is turned off. Not sure when mom turned it off. Restarted her pump and pressed extra dose for her. Dinner is cooked: Rice with garlic and ginger. 豆苗 with garlic. Two soups: BKT and free range chicken.