April 13 2020 Monday

The new routine until further notice…


Dear Sir/Ms

I am an American citizen currently on a 1 year tourist visa, expiring on 24/8/20.

For the past few months, I have volunteered to be the main carer for my frail elderly parents in their home. My mother has severe Parkinson’s disease and is home-bound while my father has multiple medical problems including heart failure, diabetes, visual and hearing impairment, previous strokes.

They are Australian citizens and have difficulty receiving 24hour assistance due to multiple complex issues including lack of pension, level of trust towards outsiders, refusal to enter into permanent residential assisted living accommodation.

My ETA expires on 3/6/20. In light of the COVID pandemic presently, could I receive advice re: extension of stay when the 3month travel visa renewal is up?

Kind Regards,
Lee Ping Chong

Daily routine:

  • Mom and dad’s breakfast
  • Chores
  • Mom’s pump