March 5 2020 (Thursday)

A mother, grandmother, two little children and a Filipino maid, eating and enjoying a meal, at the airport. Who is responsible to care for the little ones when mother,  grandmother and the Filipino maid are all available to assist needy children??  How long of a break can the Filipino maid who lives with them have a break?? 

How about an unpaid, self supporting Filipino maid??

That was my draft from yesterday. ☝️

It’s 4:25pm.  Brother reminded again on how important it is for me to write and keep a journal on how i care for mom.  

Mom and dad’s commode had stuck-on poo this morning.  Brother said he had scrubbed toilets before.   I believe that.   My brother got to be one of the most clean man i have ever known.   When he comes into a room,  the room has his fragrance.   When angel and i walked along the streets of chatswood,  angel said,  “i smell uncle Bobby”.  “Yep,  that’s his cologne.”   And we both smile.

Mom was in an awesome mood this morning. When i gave her snacks, she was extremely appreciative. She started eating immediately.  Sour plums from savoy shop, sesame seed almond cookies made in HK and 好想你三查。The rousong buns that brother purchased she also ate.   With a smile,  I encouraged mom to keep eating,  and that she needed to gain weight.

Brother came by again yesterday night with 4 big vacuum sealed pizza breads. I put them in the freezer for future consumption.   There’s Corona virus outbreak all around the world right now.   Having enough food supplies at home is extremely important. 

Just watched a Chinese movie (

It is about the journey of a son with his elderly mother. The son shared his experiences on the time spent with his mom. Even though they argued a lot, their motivation for their actions was always love. Each of them wanted each other to live the way they perceived as good. What he learnt was each of us is an independent individual and each individual should be complete. Love is about not to control or to take. Love is about acceptance and respect.

Highlight of the son hugging his mother