April 27 2020 monday

Showered, trimmed and curled mom’s hair today. Mom doesn’t look 80 right? Mom really happy when i tell her she looks beautiful and young.

Mom’s new hair style
Fruits, cheese with blood orange jam, crackers and nuts snacks
Mom eating well 🤗
Pork bone garlic soup, bok choy and papa palmer’s curry beef

Mom needs help when she showers. If she is in the shower too long, her feet weakens and lower body can’t move.  

Mom shower
Morning chores
backyard patio scrubbed

Sib #3 stormed into the house tonight forcing mom to do something she didn’t want to do. Alright, earlier today, i had requested diapers for mom. Sib #3 probably already “smoking” at that time. Additionally, later in the day, brother asked if i could stay in tomorrow for workers to come in for shower installment for mother’s day. This home improvement project could have been #3 if mom have chosen to live with her but now new shower going into the home whose title name is sib #4.

Just my thoughts…

So, mom bit sib #3. I didn’t intervene. What could i have done anyways?

I have been taking care of mom, i know she has her own mind. She doesn’t like to be forced.

Sib #3 wants mom to go nursing home. She doesn’t want to be bothered with mom’s care if it’s not in her home. But mom (and dad) don’t want to go into nursing home and they don’t like living with sib #3. Sib #3 often takes her frustration out on her children, not allowing them to eat as punishment, causing mom and dad to feel unwelcomed in her home.