February 27 2020 (Thursday)

When i went downstairs this morning, mom had already reheated the buns 生煎包 that i bought for her from mr. stonepot.

I wished i had gone down a few minutes after because the minute she saw me she wanted to chat with me instead of eating the buns she reheated in the microwave.

Two pots of soup were on the stove. I reached out to reheat, but mom commented i shouldn’t. I might dry and burn the pot. She sounded agitated. With a smile, i was determined not to get angry and ignore any negative comments from mom.

Today was NCAT hearing. Pa had woken up super early, showered and left for the hearing. I stayed home with mom. Reminded mom to drink her ensure. Checked her pump, wipe around the opening where tube goes into her tummy. The skin around her tummy looks raw. After cleaning, i applied some sudocream around her tube. Shared half an avocado seasoned with salt and pepper with mom.

The usual chores, toilet scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing, rubbish binned.

There were more food from salvos on the table that pa brought home. Half eaten muffin, one on the table and another in the refrigerator. Two days on the table, no one eats, i bin.

I refilled mom’s table with fresh snacks. Like a pregnant woman, mom enjoys eating dry sour plums. Mom says when she doesn’t have appetite to eat, eating snacks like that, helps.