May 04 2020 monday

Cardamom tea with condensed milk. Upma porridge with anchovies and peanuts; cucumber, eggs, fig; Bonus: sesame seed kuih and prunes for mom.

May 04 2020 mom and dad’s breakfast
Pa enjoying breakfast
Mom enjoys her kitchen
Two pots of pork soup

Pork belly divided into three. One, marinated with salt and pepper, in airfryer; two pots stewing on the stove: pork ribs cooked with BKT packet and garlic; pork bones cooked with garlic. Vege washed and cut.

Peter, home builder, coming to begin work on downstairs shower for mom today. Washing machine needs to go into the cabinet next to the kitchen sink.

Brother helped change mom’s cartridge at 12:10am

Cartridge dose is 20 hours, brother said. Cartridge was changed yesterday at 10am. Pump was not changed yesterday night.