March 04 2020 (Wednesday)

TV was on mom’s favorite singer this morning again, teresa teng, who died of asthma.

Teresa had dreadlocks in this particular performance. Tears came rolling my cheeks. Mom doesn’t know why i am crying but i knew. I had thought of my friend erin from bible study. Thoughts of high priest, aaron, Erin’s three children came to my mind.

Pa had left early this morning. He said he is going to the dentist. It’s wet out, looked like it’s been raining. Still drizzling when i went out to throw rubbish.

So back to my usual routine of house cleaning. Vacuum, sanitizing the floor, emptying out trash. There were traces of salvo food on the table as well as in the fridge. Yep, pa’s quite determined and consistent with his love.😏😏

I am especially thankful this morning he didn’t pee on the floor or the sofa 😓.

Crumbs were on the sofa and underneath the sofa pillows. Yep, vacuumed that as well.

Mom still lamenting how mean pa’s words toward her last night. “Yes, mom, i hear you”. “What can i do or say to take away your pain??” “You said you need him right?” “50 years of marriage, hard to break away and mostly you don’t want to break away”

Dodol i brought home from Malaysia, mom opened. I am glad she did. 👍👍👍 Really don’t like good food to go waste.

However, when asked how she liked it, mom said, “too sweet”.🤔

Oh dear…😖 seriously mom, can’t you say something more encouraging words, like, thank you for giving such detailed thoughts and efforts. It was a gift that she wasn’t able to buy in Australia. The long dodol, i have seen, not the triangle ones. Even if there were, surely, the ones hand carried from Malaysia is fresher. Of course, i didn’t talk back to her. I simply smiled and continued on with my other chores.