Almond Crisps

A sister at church shared this recipe with me a couple of years ago. Whenever I serve this biscuit, people always asks me for recipe. My mother in law was so impressed with the taste and the ingredients that she brought this recipe back to Taiwan to share with the relatives. It is low in cholesterol because I use only egg white and olive oil.

The ingredients are 3 egg whites, 1/4 cup (all purpose) flour, 1/3 cup sugar, 2 tbsp oil and 1 1/2 cup thin sliced roasted almonds.

Per request, I am including the measurement in grams as follows:
3 egg whites, 32g all purpose flour, 67g sugar, 2 tbsp oil and 128g almonds. Please use the other conversion links such as this, to verify my conversion before you proceed.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Celcius Fahrenheit. Spread the above mixture thinly across a silpat. If it is not spread thin enough, it will taste more like cookie. If you don’t have a silpat, cover the baking sheet with foil and spray baking sheet with pam (butter).

Bake on mid shelf for 16 minutes. The sides usually turn brown first. I cover the sides with aluminium foil, close the oven door and turn off the heat. Just leave the almond cookie crisps in the oven. Alternatively, you can break the brown sides and put the rest back into the oven, turn off the oven heat and leave the almond cookie crisps in the oven.

When you try to break the cookie crisps, it should be easy to break. If not, it is not dry enough. The oven still has some left-over heat, put it back into the oven.

I like my cookies broken into random pieces. However, it is possible to cut the cookies into equal pieces. The cutting should be done on a cutting board using a pizza cutter while it is still soft before it turn brown and dry.

Thanks to Sabrina’s feedback, I am adding the following tips:
1) Too much almonds will make the crisps too thick. I usually have just a single layer of almonds.

2) Do check your almonds before cooking. Almonds as with other nuts, turn bad if it is not stored in a tight container or it has stayed on the store’s shelf too long. When I buy my almonds, I check the expiration date on the package.

3) Also, roasted almonds works better than raw almonds. If the almonds is roasted and fresh, it is not necessary to add any other artificial flavorings.

4) It took me a few times to perfecting this recipe, so don’t feel despair if you don’t get it right the first time.


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59 responses to “Almond Crisps

  1. lily ng

    lee ping

    a dear friend just bought me a whole big bag of almond flakes. i think i will give this recipe a go. i could not get these skinless flakes here in denver, so i have to get them from malaysia or singapore.

  2. Dear Lily,
    I bought my almond flakes from Trader Joes. I just googled and realized that there is NOT a TJ in Denver Colorado. If your friend’s almond does not work out for you, I can send a package to you.

  3. sharon

    Your almond crisps looks delicious! I would love to try this recipe. May I know if I can just mix all ingredients together and there is no need to beat the eggwhite first? How long should I mix the whole mixture? Thank you.

  4. Dear Sharon,
    There is NOT a need to beat your egg white. I just use my rice paddle to mix all the ingredients, while spreading it at the same time on the silpat until they are evenly mixed. You could use another bowl to mix the ingredients, once thoroughly mixed, just pour it out onto your silpat and start spreading it into a thin layer. No time limit on mixing this. Just depends on how fast or slow you can mix the ingredients evenly and spread it as thinly as possible. Thanks for your comments.

  5. lily ng

    lee ping

    i really appreciate your kind gesture. The boo boo first batch turned out ok except i could see more cookie than flakes. The next batch i made following your recipe but added a pinch of salt and 2 drops of almond extract. The almond flakes that i have are really sliced thin and i think for this recipe, a slightly thicker slices will give more crunch.

    thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Dear Lily,
    Thanks for your comments and for trying out my recipe. I have updated my recipe to highlight the importance of spreading it thinly. Otherwise, the result will taste more like cookie than a crisps.

    It is an honor for “dai si fu” (big chef in Cantonese) to drop by. You are welcome back anytime. I wish I could see a photo of your “almond cookies”.

  7. Ohhh so that’s how you make them. I ate a lot of this during Chinese New Year last year but had no idea how to make them. Thanks for the post!

  8. sharon

    Thank you so much for your reply. I understand now. Thanks. 🙂

  9. Dear Sharon,
    If you attempt this dessert, please let me know how it goes. I used only egg white in this dessert. However, if by accident a drop or two of egg yolk falls into the mixture, don’t worry about it. The key is to make sure that the mixture is spread as thin as possible across the baking pan. Remember, there are no stupid questions…

  10. wmw

    Hey, your photography is getting better…Looks good!

  11. Dear WMW,
    Thanks for dropping by. I am very grateful to you for your tip on taking photos. The “best shots” feature on my camera is one that I cannot live without. I am still learning and there are plenty of rooms for improvement. Perhaps, one day, I can also make a clothes pin look good.

  12. wmw

    Thanks for the compliment about the clothes pin! You still remember that?! :o)

  13. Dear WMW,

    Of course I remember. You have some real talent there, girl! I started out a blogroll to include some of my favorite articles or post. I was debating which to pick, Kota Bahru or Spain. In the end, I picked the whole subtitle, Travel!

  14. ling

    Hi, have always luv these almond crisp and was so happy to find your recipe on how to make it. However i am not so good when it comes to anything to do with the oven so pls bear with me if I sound kinda silly. Was just trying out your recipe a few minutes ago but the almond mixture spread seems to be bubbling when it was in the oven. Got a bit of a shock and wasn’t sure if something went wrong somewhere. Was that how it’s supposed to be?

  15. Dear Ling,

    I am so excited that you tried the recipe that I posted. By the time you received this reply, you probably have turned off your oven, right?

    Remember, there are no stupid questions. The bubbling is quite normal. Depending on how thick your crisps is, more bubbling is visible if it is thicker. Please let me know what happened to the crisps you made. If it did not turn out as expected, I will try to help you troubleshoot.

  16. ling

    Thanks so much for your kind reply. This first attempt didn’t turn out quite as crispy coz I think I did it too thick (maybe too much almond flakes). It didn’t break easily even though I have tried putting it back into the oven heat to dry further several times. The other thing I wasn’t so sure was also if I did the mixing of all the ingredients right. I poured all the ingredients into the baking sheet and just mixed it there and spread. Wondered if I should have mixed them all in a bowl before spreading it onto the tray. Would that have mattered? Anyway, won’t give up easily and will try again later. Thanks again for being so helpful.

  17. Dear Ling,

    I think it takes about 3 trials to make a perfect almond crisps, for me at least. 🙂

    I always mix mine on the baking sheet because I am too lazy to wash another bowl. It shouldn’t matter if you mix in a bowl first or spread directly on the baking sheet. I NEVER beat my egg whites before spreading. Yes, reduce the number of almond flakes. The rule of thumb is spread until pretty much only one almond flake touching the baking sheet. A little overlap amongst the almond flakes is OK, don’t have to be too perfect. That is the beauty about this recipe.

  18. ling

    Hi again, many thanks for the tips/advice. Greatly appreciate that. Will try to update you after my next trial 😀

  19. susanna

    Hiya….great blog u have here. I luv almond crisps! Bought a big bag of almond flakes to try this recipe out. Do we have to slightly roast the almond flakes b4 we mix with the rest of the ingredients?

  20. Dear Susanna,
    I buy my almond flakes pre-roasted. Your almond crisps will taste better if it is pre-roasted before you mix with the rest of the ingredients. If you roast the flakes yourself, please be extra careful as it burns quite easily. Keep a close watch. Let me know how it turns out for you. 🙂

  21. susanna

    Hi Lee Ping,
    I tried ur recipe this morning n it was a great success. The almonds crisps were very nice n crunchy – they also look like store-bought!! Thks for sharing this delish recipe.

  22. susanna

    Hi Lee Ping,
    yes…i did roast the almonds slightly as u advised. Here is the pic, hope it opens this time.

  23. Dear Susanna,

    Oh my goodness, your almond crisps looks great! Hope you had fun making and eating them….. 🙂

  24. susanna

    Lee Ping,
    Thks for the compliment! My almond crisps looked great cos u have a great recipe n also, u were great enough to share it with everyone! 🙂

  25. Dear Susanna,
    A church sister was kind enough to share it with me and it was my pleasure sharing it with everyone.

  26. SL

    Hi, thanks so much for sharing the receipe. It is a simple receipe which I love most. I will definitely try on the receipe soon so that I can make it for the coming 2008 CNY. Can I know what kind of flour do your use? Superfine flour or protein flour or those baking cakes flour? Hope to get some feedback from your. Hv a nice day!!!

  27. Dear SL,
    Thanks for your comment. I have updated my recipe to include the kind of flour used. I have great success using just all-purpose flour.

  28. SL

    Hi lee ping

    I just hv a look at my microwave oven, max is 250 celcius. So how ?? You said 350 celcius

  29. Dear SL,
    Do you have a regular oven? Use a regular oven, not a microwave oven. Please feel free to write to me if you have more questions.

  30. Hi, Mrs HBT! How are you?
    Glad to see your blog renewed with inspiration.
    Since you wrote about the dark green squash, thought you might be interested in this seasonal veg site:

    Best regards,

  31. fatima

    do you think if we omit the flour ,will be crispier and better? does it work without flour?

  32. Dear Fatima,
    I have not try to omit the flour from this recipe. Hence, I am not sure if it will work without the flour.

  33. Ken

    Did you really baked these at 350 degrees Celsius?
    thats about 600 F!
    About the flour, I think you do need it as it creates a kind of really thin cookie that holds everything together, but i haven’t tried making these yet.

  34. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for catching my typo. It should say 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

  35. Janice

    Dear Lee Ping,

    I just want to thank you for sharing the almond crisps recipe. I tried the florentine recipe and found it to be too fattening. Then I ran into your recipe. I tried it out at my brother’s place tonight where we had a get together. Everyone loves it. Two friends already asked me to forward your recipe. I am still amazed how simple and healthy the ingredients are. Since I don’t have a silpat, I used aluminum foil and pam. It still turned out fine. I just checked and will place an order for the silpat.

    P.S. Your photos in the recipe are extremely helpful. There are very few recipes out there providing step-by-step photos.

    Thanks again,

  36. Janice

    Dear Lee Ping,

    I just want to thank you for sharing the almond crisps recipe. I tried the florentine recipe and found it to be too fattening. Then I ran into your recipe. I tried it out at my brother’s place tonight where we had a get together. Everyone loves it. Two friends already asked me to forward your recipe. I am still amazed how simple and healthy the ingredients are. Since I don’t have a silpat, I used aluminum foil and pam. It still turned out fine. I just checked and will place an order for the silpat.

    P.S. Your photos in the recipe are extremely helpful. There are very few recipes out there providing step-by-step photos.

    Thanks again,

  37. Azean

    I found your recipe quite interesting to try. But, since I don’t have a silpat, are you saying that I shud cover my baking tray with aluminium foil?

  38. Hi Azean,
    Although, I haven’t tried it myself, I have a friend who tried this recipe with aluminium foil because she doesn’t have Silpat. I think she sprays the aluminium foil with PAM before spreading the almond mixture.

  39. Sabrina

    The almond crisps look really yummy.

    May I know the grams equivalent of the cup measurements? It seems that there are different measures btw asian n US.


  40. Dear Sabrina,
    I just added the grams equivalent in my article.

  41. Sabrina


    Thanks a lot… Will try out the recipe today.

  42. kaye chow

    Hi I was so excited to see your recipe, being so simple. However, I have tried 3 times without success. Everytime I ended up with the sides turning brown and crunchy but the centre still soft. Wonder where I went wrong.

  43. Dear Kaye,
    Thanks for your patience in trying out the recipe. Immediately seeing the sides that are crunchy, turn off the oven. What I would do is to take out the almond crisps from the oven, carefully removing the brown and crunchy sides. Leave the centre that is soft, put it into the oven. The remainder heat in the oven should brown the centre nicely. How long should you leave the crisps in the turned off oven? I would try an hour first and use your oven light to check if it is brown enough.

  44. kaye chow

    Dear sis Lee Ping, thanks so much for your prompt reply. Appreciate it. I will try again, following your advice.

  45. Ruth

    Hi! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! Just a note to those who do not have silpat. Parchment paper ( works well for this recipe!

  46. woon

    Hi, this recipe is easy yet fantastic!! just tried and it turn out so well, the almond crisp is crunchy and nice!! thanks so much!

  47. Helen

    This is a great recipe, thanks for sharing !

  48. Helen

    This is a great recipe, thanks for sharing!

  49. This looks great! Added to my To Do list 😉

  50. Hi there! Kung Hei Fat Choi! I have to thank you for this easy wonderful recipe as I have been looking for a traditional CNY treat for my partner’s parents. So I finally made it last night and will be sharing the tasty crisps this afternoon. I will definitely be making this again for myself!!! P.s. my dog has stolen 2 pieces already! She usually doesn’t steal food so it MUST be good! Thanks again!

  51. katie

    I cannot cut the almond crisps properly. They are not in squares but irregular.


    • Dear Katie,
      I just break my almond crisps when it is cooled. They are irregular but it also looks homemade.

      If you would like to cut into squares, use a pizza cutter and cutting board and cut while it is still warm.

      Alternatively, before you bake, spread the mixture very thinly into circles (about 3-5 inches in diameter) not touching each other. Use two baking trays.

      Hope that helps.

  52. Denise

    I made your almond thins but added some lemon and orange zest, they were lovely, thank you for sharing your recipe.

  53. yen

    Hi there, thank you for your blog! I have been searching for this recipe and this is the exact almond cookie that I’ve fallen in love with many years ago when i was studying in Melb. I bought it from a Taiwanese pastry shop then.
    I was wondering if i can put in 3 whole eggs, that includes the yolk in Cos i don’t wanna waste them and also, can i replace the oil with butter?

    • Hi Yen,
      Although I havent done it myself, yes I would imagine so, you can replace oil with butter. Just have to melt the butter first.

      Yes, I dont like wasting egg yolk myself. I usually save the yolk for some other recipes. I have always excluded the egg yolk for this recipe but you could try and let us know the result. I wouldn’t try it the first time though.

      Hope that helps….

      • yen

        Good day to you Mrs Hbt, thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, I will give the egg yolks a try and will update you accordingly. Hope it works! 🙂

      • yen

        Dear Mrs Hbt, I have made the almond crisps with whole eggs and it turned out great! I have baked 3 batches successfully. My neighbors and family all loved it. Your recipe is yummy! Thank you for your blog and will try your other recipes soon. May God bless you. 🙂

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