May 06 2020 Wednesday instructions to change continuous rate

Dear Lee Ping,

I discussed with Dr Fung and we agreed on the following instructions until Mrs Lee is reviewed by him in one month’s time.

We will keep her day time infusion pump for her but gradually reduce her infusion rate by 0.1mls per week.

Week 1 = Reduce continuous rate from 3.6mls/hr to 3.5mls/hr (today)
Week 2 = Reduce continuous rate from 3.5mls/hr to 3.4mls/hr
Week 3 = Reduce continuous rate from 3.4mls/hr to 3.3mls/hr
Week 4 = Reduce continuous rate from 3.3mls/hr to 3.2mls/hr
Week 5 = you should have an appointment with Dr Fung around this time frame.

The instructions to changing the rate is as follows:

  1. Stop the pump by holding the STOP button until STOPPED is shown on the screen.
  2. Press the NEXT button twice until you see CONTINUOUS RATE on the screen.
  3. Press the DOWN ARROW once until the infusion rate is at the number that is prescribed for that week.
  4. Press the ENTER button to confirm the rate change.
  5. Restart the pump by holding the START button until RUN is shown on the screen.

(Source: David and Dr.Fung)

Pump rate reduced by 0.1mls/hr per dr’s recommendation
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Chicken rice with bitter melon
Roast Pork