March 07, 2020 (Saturday)

Pa and i came home the same time. He took bus 546 and i walked from parramatta train station. He brought home an empty to go box with a piece of dried chili and chicken bone. Not a piece of rice in the box. Pa had never like to waste food. i am glad he bought something for himself to eat. Mom could relax and not worry about feeding him.

Mom still cares that pa eats well. When i woke up, i saw mom had placed a cucumber and peach on the coffee table for pa.

These events happened a couple days ago.

Mom prepared for herself avocado, peach, cucumber, sweet potato soup this morning. Glad to see mom up and about preparing her own food. Her determination to live is very strong. She also placed the same food for pa. Such love mom has for pa…

Papa palmer came and ate with us this afternoon. He brought food from albees, hokkein mee, char bee hoon, okra and zhong, rojak sauce and fresh fruits. Super yummy😋😋😋

Followers without good leaders have no direction or purpose
Leaders without capable followers can do nothing

🙏for good leader, capable followers and Holy Spirit guidance