March 13 2020 (Friday)

Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Some of the best lessons we ever learned, we learned from the past. The error of the past if the wisdom of the future. (Source: Strati G)

One’s character is revealed, not formed

What costs the least of investment? Free food, free clothing, free supplies…

Perhaps one feels the need to save every single penny for rainy days. I have many sibs. One of my sis had always had the passion in home investment. She spends most of her time researching properties. Perhaps she should have a career change to a real estate agent. 😁

She seldom spends money on food, or clothings, always wears hand-me-downs. Like my pa, she would spend on education. When she is upset, the worst character traits of my parents shows up on her.

I just thought it’s wrong to punish her children or her parents by depraving them of good food, just to save a few dollars.

Mom and i split a soft yummy matcha red bean cream bun from chatswood this morning.

Mom doesn’t like to be forced when it comes to food. When i went downstairs this morning, mom didn’t have appetite to eat. I gave her a piece of 好想你山楂片。Then, I started to heat the bun and offered to share the bun with her.  When she saw me eating,  she started to eat as well.  I am happy for her.