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Jan 15 2013

It has been a week now since I found out about what is happening in her life.   This afternoon, we ate, we laughed at Y’s home. H, F and D (our new Singaporean friend) also joined us.   Privately, she shared with Y and I some of the details.  We felt her anger and pain.  As we depart, I comforted her with, God will be his judge.  God is just giving time to repent because God too, loves him.

Jan 9 2013
I just found out.  Back in Oct 2012, her husband asked her for a divorce.  What more can a woman take?  A friend who knows her situation cried out with sadness.  I wish she had told me earlier, was my initial response.  I could have… No, I couldn’t have.  There is truly nothing I could do for her.  It had gone on for far too long.  8 years of separation is too long.

Do not be afraid Abram.  I am your great shield and reward.  Genesis 15:1  I am praying this promise for my dear friend.

March 6 2011
Three days ago, I invited my friends to my home.  Her two boys’ condition has not improved. I encouraged her to pray for more specific things for her boys, instead of praying that the teachers understand her boys’ condition.

Jan 7 2011
What a coincidence! But surely, it is not. I included a prayer with my girls’ lunch this morning. It was the serenity prayer and that was the prayer posted in Colleen’s blog. I felt perhaps that was my cue to write another journal entry. I had lunch with my girlfriend who has two autistic boys 5 days ago. I had given her “Dancing with Max” book for Christmas but she said that she has not started to read it yet. Things in her home has not improved. She said that her younger son is getting worse. “It now takes three adults to get Andrew to the school bus”, she said.

There were three of us gals at the luncheon. What I observed was her words were wise. I think that is how God trains each one of us.

September 28, 2010
I called my friend last week for lunch. She said she needed to shop for a new bed for her 13 year old autistic boy. Her son’s bed was broken and he wanted the exact same one as he had before. He would probably fuss if he doesn’t get the same one as he had before. She has also stopped with the alternative medicine that she was trying for her son back in June.

Her younger boy who is 10, also autistic, goes with a helper on the school bus. Still not much improvement.

She had given away the chickens that she was rearing last year for eggs. I wonder if she had given up her dreams of owning a self sufficient farm one day.

June 03, 2010
This afternoon, my friend called me. She had gotten home from the dental office and she wanted to chat. It was her birthday just a week ago and I wished her happy belated birthday. She told me that she doesn’t keep track of her age anymore. I can’t tell if there were any sadness in her. Her daily challenge with her two autistic boys were probably her main focus.

She is trying alternative medicine for her 13 year old boy. She learned the different pressure points from the doctor and she was going to try.

Perhaps it was rather insensitive of me to share what our plans were for the summer as it is virtually impossible for her to take her two autistic boys on a relaxing vacation.

January 18, 2010

7 years ago, at a local library I met two Moms and these two ladies would later become my good friends. One of them has two autistic children.

My husband was reading the Business Week magazine last night and he was interested in the article on “The Hunt For An Autism Drug”.

While parents with autistic children are waiting for a miracle drug, and drug companies are waiting for the FDA to approve the drug and make money, my dear friend has stopped asking why and turned her eyes upon Jesus.

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