March 23 2020 (Monday)

So  then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God came to my mind as i thought back what i did yesterday.

Baby E in my arms when he was younger

E’s a little older now. He has a tender heart. After E’s clarinet lesson, we would visit monday morning cafe in thornleigh. His favorite dish, pancakes.

I love seeing the little ones eat. Whether it is feeding them burgers and French fries from Little Burger on 23rd street or pancakes in thornleigh.

It is so wonderful that God made us taste buds to enjoy different yummy foods and fruits in the world.

There was a mangosteen peel in the trash yesterday. I am happy that mom or dad ate the mangosteen i bought for them. It was very expensive ($7 each), but if that mangosteen provided nutrition for them to fight virus, (Corona virus cov19 has become a pandemic in China wuhan and italy), it’s worth every penny.

Mom cooking

Mom cooked yesterday. When pa is hungry, mom cooks for him. Mom enjoys being the master of her own kitchen. Moldy foods need to be bin. When #3 sis visited on Sunday, i took out a big bag of trash. Not sure why, mom and dad have a fear that i bin good food. I only bin food that i will not serve to the little ones. They should trust me.