March 31 2020 (Tuesday)

Yesterday was NCAT hearing. My heart aches when i hear my pa cried. He had lost his pension and incurred a large debt, due to the incompetency of family accountant.

Turning 80 in july this year, his dreams of traveling the world, will it be fulfilled one day??

These days, because of the COVID19 virus, he cant even go to his usual favorite places, the library, newspaper stand, salvation army, photoshoot, and translation in courts.

Ping, didn’t i do well yesterday at NCAT? Even the judge was impressed with me, right Ping?

Pa sounded tired today. Mom had troubled him all night yesterday. Mom does that. It is not her duodopa dosage either. When mom feels distressed for her loved ones, the duodopa dose is off.

Mom’s distress symptoms:

1) toes curled in

2) tremoring (specifically left foot)

3) weakened legs (mom still can be verbally abusive and demanding at this stage)