May 02 2020 Saturday

Was mom pretending??

At around 5am this morning, i heard mom said i can’t move. I can hear mom sitting on the chair, pa pushing and pulling her to and from, bed to toilet.

Mom didn’t want me to change to night pump last night. So she must still be on day pump, unless she changed to night pump, after i had gone to bed last night.

May 2 2020

While i prepared breakfast this morning, i kept thinking pa is a horrible husband and father. Because of fear and greed, he caused mom to lose her pension. I don’t take a single cent from him to do any of the chores around the house, yet he had to remind me that i am living in his house for free.

As a person with conscience i served but i am not going to lie. I feel resentment.

Pa went out with LEELI yesterday afternoon, probably to withdraw money from banks. I overheard LEELI asking pa to bring id. Why didn’t she feed him before dropping him off to mom and myself? She holds all of mom and dad’s money now. Why can’t she even spend mom and dad’s money on mom and dad??

Life for mom will be totally dependent on LEELI after i go back to Portland, if other siblings don’t step up.

Mom didn’t get so skinny over night. It was years of torture.

Mom’s pump was day pump. Cartridge was 3/4 empty. Replenished at 7am.

So it wasn’t night pump. Why was mom not able to move at 5am??

Brother, Peter and ethan from alpha omega aged care came by this morning to do some preliminary work on shower installation downstairs for mom. Paul, window guy also came by to take measurements for metal screen installation.

Mom was really happy to see baehuichi (butterfly). We used to eat that when we were younger. Three beans and ching bu liang drinks from vietnamese store next to Albees in carlingford. Mom and dad’s treats. 😋😋😋