March 26 2020 (Thursday)

Mom and dad’s morning meal

“Nothing matters more than knowing God ‘s purposes for your life, and nothing can compensate for not knowing them — not success, wealth, fame, or pleasure. Without a purpose, life is motion without meaning, activity without direction, and events without reason. Without a purpose, life is trivial, petty, and pointless.”

(Source: pastor Rick Warren)

Like a good father, our Heavenly Father desires that we care for our mental and physical health. Last year, my job was to work in the semiconductor clean room. I was trained to carry and develop 8 and 12 inch silicon wafers using photolithography. I had the routine down working 4 days of 12 hours shifts a week. Alarm clock set at 3am. i prep lunches, zumba, drive and suit up from head to toe for my shift.

Maxim Fab jan 13 2019

This year, i am embarking on a new job, possibly ☺️. And that is aged care. After 8 years of volunteering at BSF caring for the little ones and having physically delivering babies. I am excited on my next stage in life.

Instead of baby diapers, i carry adult diapers. Instead of baby formula, i carry sustagen. And from experience, having an extra change of clothes with a plastic bag, is also quite important, especially when they soil themselves.

When i first arrived at my Sydney parents home, there was layers of dust and dirt. Bags of stuff was everywhere. Didn’t seem like a place where human can live, at least not comfortably. A year had gone by and i have to pat myself on the shoulders for overcoming many obstacles. Firstly, live roaches. I remembered seeing a “moldy” persimmons on the table under a metal food cover. When i picked up the moldy persimmons to look, a large cockroach jumped out!! I screamed in silent as i didn’t want to wake Pa up. There were roaches hiding in the knives block, used plastic bags with food crumbs. Roaches, both dead and live ones in the pantry.

And then there were roaches in the living room. Inch by inch, i overcame my fear of roaches and started to clean and sort. Mom said don’t look at any paperwork, i obeyed. Pa said sis who was living with mom and dad at that time, is namnua, which meant lazy. How can sis allow mom and dad to live in such terrible condition??

Can foods that were long expired, boxes and bars of unopened chocolates that expired for at least 5 years. Pantry was very dirty.

I didn’t mind helping siblings clean and sort for mom and dad. Weavels ate thru plastic covers and turned spaghetti into flours! I still remember seeing mom sifting the rice for weavels. When i tried binning the bag of weavel infested rice, pa went out in the rain and hauled it back into the house.  it is an ongoing battle, i guess, as mom and dad, especially pa doesnt like to waste food. And yes, i managed to bin the weavel rice and later with the help of other sibling and partner replenish the pantry with new rice and fresh food.

New flours and rice, i put them in see-thru clear containers to keep weavels away.