April 22 2020 wednesday Dear Neighbor

My 3 month tourist visa is expiring soon.

Please keep an eye out for my aging parents. They are extremely frail and vulnerable. They are often neglected. Siblings come irregularly. Parents do not want to go to hospital or nursing home. They dont like their blood drawn at the hospital. If you come into the house and see moldy foods on the table, please feel free to bin even though parents may request you not to do so. Mom loves pa. She cannot live without pa.

One of the sib had successfully funnelled large sum of mom and dad’s pension money and abandoned them for months. Even when this sib is told pa is ill, this sib just ignores. Pa had helped her when she was investigated for fraud. When pa helped her out, he and mom lost their own pension.

When sib #3 comes and visit, often is without food and leave with threats. This sib may even take mom and dad’s fresh food, provided by sib #2, because she doesn’t like to spend money on food. Sib has taken full bottle of sesame oil away from mom and dad’s pantry before. Sib #2 comes with food but hates to stay longer.

Another sib who is heavily in debt, comes in and frequently extorts mom and dad for money.