April 17 2020 Friday (agape)

The highest form of love…

Me: are you hungry mom?

Went downstairs a few times to check on mom. Surely she must be hungry by now. I had the TV set on the Taiwanese food channel. Breakfast was served early. And it’s already past noon. Surely mom was hungry.

Indeed she was and good that i acted quickly. Brother’s steamy roast whole chicken was sitting on the kitchen table. She had teary eyes when i asked if she wanted to eat the chicken. We didn’t exchange any words. Mom wanted to save that for pa when he comes home.  I knew what to do for mom. I went back upstairs and started preparing lunch just for the two of us.

Naan bread with Dahl curry.

Mom ate it all.   She slurped down every bit of the yummy curry.

And that’s why i love my job.   Mom ate and i was gratified.