April 14 2020 Tuesday My Sib is a kleptomaniac, a slob?? Elder abuse and neglect

Victoria Secret

Why did sib steal the exact same bra that i also gifted her one??

Mind boggling…

Why did she steal the outer coat from campsie that papa palmer gave to mom??

Outer coat from campsie

Mom and dad (in order to protect this sib) would lie and create all sorts of drama including endangering themselves, to protect this sib.

Mom said, “i would never harm ANY of my children.”

Orange seeds, used tissue papers, toothpick, condom wrapper, roaches eggs, empty water bottles, under the bed. The carpet had become the rubbish bin for my sib.

These were a few sample of the before photos of my cleaning and sorting adventure.

My other sib told me to smear shit all over the house before i leave, if i feel bitter about cleaning. I am not bitter about cleaning, just trying to understand what causes a person to live in this kind of environment.

Pa: “ping, i am going out, please take care of mom”

Me: 😪

Pa had given me authority to access his account to pay house bills but sib used her power of attorney cancelled my authorization.

When i first arrived, besides the house not in livable condition, bills were piling up. Pa and i went to pay council bill. It was overdue. To avoid a scene, i paid the interest on the bill. Sib was the financial manager but she embezzled funds from parents and my account. Later, brother told me that sib claimed $1800 was given directly to me from my pa’s bank account. That’s a lie. Why would sib concoct such lies??

Home phone is still not working. Sib who managed mom and dad’s pension money has at least two cell phones of the latest model, yet, mom and dad dont have one.

I am deeply saddened to learned that sib who claimed as mom and dad’s carer often parked her car outside of mom and dad’s home for show only.

Moldy foods, dirty dishes, awful smell, clear signs of elder abuse.

Mom is extremely skinny. When questioned at the hospital, sib said mom’s skinny because i didn’t cook for mom for the few weeks that i took over as a carer. But when mom stepped on the scale and showed she gained weight, sib claimed that she was the one who fed mom yesterday and mom gained weight overnight.

Other sib said, government cannot excuse fraud. Another sib said we should tell the truth about this sib. This sib not only getting paid as a carer but getting other allowances as single mother. At the same time, enjoying yummy meals with hubby.

So, if you were me what would you do?? This sib already has a tumor on her thigh and a young child.