April 09 2020 Thursday Does tiger have a conscience?

One of my sibs is born of the year of tiger.   I often told mom and dad,  this sib of mine inherited their worst  character traits.

Sib has her own way of doing things and often refuse to lend a helping hand to another sib whom she does not think highly of.

Sib always said no one contributed to her success and what she is today, is all due to her own work ethics. Her famous teachings, “go find your own way; God helps those who help themselves.”

Sib does not display any remorse to any of her actions.

Once, mom requested sesame oil. She purchased one for mom. A week later, sib was upset over something, came over to the house and took away the sesame oil, she purchased for mom. 😫

Another sib, rich but very petty towards parents. Once, when she found an expired can of milo in her home, she told me, not to worry, give it to mom. 😫

Sample of moldy foods at parra

Pa doesn’t eat leftovers. Even at room temperature, pa wants his food warmed up. He doesn’t like to waste food. When served, if he is hungry, usually, he will finish everything on his plate.

Sometimes, mom likes to show off her years of experience of cooking.  Photo☝️ is mom’s famous pot of 肉骨茶. Fresh 空心菜 is from my brother, sauteed with garlic and olive oil.

I had been avoiding the kitchen because mom gotten verbally and physically abusive toward me. Today, while she is immobilized, i quickly bin as much as i can moldy foods from refrigerator and kitchen in general.

Morning was spent binning moldy boxes of foods. Ziplock bag of leftovers that was saved on the shelf, was binned as well.

Toilets scrubbed and sanitized. Clothes from washing machine hung to dry outside. Backyard patio had bird poos. “Oh well, why not”, thought to myself. If backyard patio is clean, connecting area where we go in and out to hang clothes can be clean as well.

Eucalyptus spray from papa Stewart is very fragrant. Makes daily mundane chores very pleasant.