April 05 2020 (Sunday)

April 04 2020 Mom and dad’s breakfast
Mom cooking April 04 2020
Durian from brother

Pa went out, leaving mom (in urine soaked clothes and sheets) and myself home alone. Mom misses my sister, not sure if she pee’d on her bed on purpose just to have my sis visit?🤔 she hadnt pee’d on her bed for a while now.

Mom pee’d on her bed. Dr. Sis came to give a hand to assist mom shower.

While sis helped mom shower, i quickly clean and sanitize.

Phone had been extremely unreliable. Even when fully charged, it’s beeping busy signal. When pa left the house, he shut all the doors and windows. If i hadn’t been home and sis hadn’t come and help, mom would be soaked in urine for many hours until help comes.