Anger, Pride and Greed destroy families

Tiger sib manipulative and vicious!

Mom didn’t pee on her bed but she forced mom to get up so she can shower mom at her own time table. Mom doesn’t like to be rushed. She will shower when she feels like it. Sib #3 trains her children like that as well. Always force. Will she be resented or be thanked for in future??

Tiger sib: why did you leave mom in her her own urine?

Me: i didn’t smell anything

I am thinking perhaps, mom had soiled herself again and i just didn’t smell the urine. But that’s not the case. Tiger sib lied. The sheets were dry when i was changing it. So, that’s how my sib will pin me for neglect and elder abuse?! Not a day goes by that i do not check on mom and dad. Gourmet daily breakfast served, toilet sanitized and kitchen checked and cleaned for moldy foods. Trash diligently and regularly bin.

Tiger sib would concoct lies to get 1.6 mil back from serpent sib? Not all the money belongs to one person. Perhaps tiger sib and and serpent sib were working together to secure the 1.6 mill from day 1. That would be the irony of all these.

Why could i not stop crying? Was it because tiger sib said i was cutting ties? She was the one who constantly ask me to go home after i had accomplished my tasks of cleaning and sorting. Was it because my sib again returned my kindness with evil? The command was for me to come and clean. Inch by inch i cleaned, voluntarily, without expecting anything in return.

Serpent sib comes in and criticize my seafood porridge as not fresh. Tiger sib comes in and accused me of leaving mom in her own urine.

Perfect love casts out fear. I am not afraid. I didn’t do anything wrong. If seafood porridge was not fresh, was mom and dad sent to emergency room for food poisoning? Not even once, under my care.

Always asked for help to change mom when she soils her bed. #2, #3 and #5 sibs has each helped me once to change sheets for mom in the months that i have been caring for mom. #4 sib sent a care worker in to assist mom two weeks before NCAT hearing.




me: i have been kicked

Mom: you must have done something wrong

me: what did sib #4 do then for her to almost have her neck broke with a chair?

Mom: silence…




Two days earlier,  mon april 27 2020, mom told me she needed diapers. I sent out that request on mom and dad’s care group page. Sib #3 said HCP. I replied, “you?” We all knew sib #4 who holds millions of family funds will not respond to any request from siblings and hardly ever respond to parent’s request for help, unless if it’s to assist her in fraud investigations.

I have sent diapers all the way from anerica before. I wanted to see what would be siblings’ response. That night sib #3 showed up and forced mom to do something she didn’t want to do. Change to night pump. You see, when mom changes to night pump, the dose is not enough for her to go to bathroom herself at night. She doesn’t want to waste another diaper.

So perhaps that’s why mom sifts rice infested with weavels because she knows her children would argue over even a bag of rice.

Mom started to feel sorry for biting sib #3 when sib tried to force her to change to night pump. So in the morning, mom went on hunger strike again and started to blame the person who asked sib #3 to bring diapers.

Sib #4 forwarded mctv email from pa yesterday. All these years, because sib has cars and time, pa probably had abused her kindness in giving him free rides. Sib #4 does not want to be the point of contact anymore?

“ping ah” loud screams from pa to help him. Pa loves appearing in tv commercials and movies.

Sib#2 and sib#3 wants mom and dad to go nursing home. Sib#4 doesn’t mind as long as she gets paid as a carer. Pa said before sib#4 is lazy. And she is. Prior to my arrival. The house was not in a livable condition at all. Sib#4 often leaves with her son in the morning and don’t come back till late. Sometimes she even leaves her son for mom and dad to care. Pa even does her laundry. In the morning, i pick up her dirty dishes from her bedside table and wash them.

Sib#4 helped siphoned mom and dad’s money away (under mom and dad’s instruction?).

Sib#2 and sib#3 wants access to that money to put mom and dad into nursing home. But mom and dad doesn’t want to go to nursing home. I can be mom and dad’s carer, but sib#4 not releasing funds.