Only In Some Parts Of The World

My girlfriend from Texas forwarded me some interesting photos this morning. A couple of the photos include square watermelons in Japan, and a lady shopping with a Kangaroo in the grocery in Australia!

photo from Free Funny Jokes

Just read an older article from CNN on square watermelons and it is very interesting. Round watermelons take up space in the refrigerator, so the Japanese came up with square watermelons. Brilliant!

I do not know the validity of the Kangaroo picture but growing square watermelon is possible.


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8 responses to “Only In Some Parts Of The World

  1. Aww… the poor kangaroo… it’s shackled everywhere, inc. its feet. I do hope this is a fake Photoshopped pic… 😦

  2. Hi Kenny,
    When I first saw this photo, my thought was, “how cute… a kangaroo pet used as a shopping cart”.

    This morning I woke up with the image in my mind. I had an uneasy feeling. Kangaroos were created to jump and carry their baby in their pouches. The shackles on the Kangaroo’s feet bothered me.

    When I received your comment, I thought, what if it was after all a fake photoshop picture? There are so many information on the internet these days. What’s real and what’s fake? Who do you trust?

    Thanks for your comment. You have made me a little wiser today.

  3. alice

    The square watermelon is true as I’ve heard of it.

    But I don’t know ab. the grocery shopping with a kangaroo. Is the picture taken in Japan? That poor kangaroo has become a beast of burden.

  4. Dear Alice,
    I just edited my article to include the country where the Kangaroo picture was supposedly taken, Australia. Sorry for the confusion.

    I am assuming that you haven’t actually seen square watermelon in your local Japanese stores right? I read that square watermelons are more expensive. Perhaps it is the way that they are being grown. They enclose the growing watermelon in a small see-through square plastic container. The growing watermelon will then conform to the shape of the plastic container.

  5. Linda

    No, we don’t shop with a pet kangaroo here in Australia 🙂

    So, do rest assure that the photo would have been a creation from the photoshop and what-not in advance technology!

  6. Thanks Sister Linda!

  7. Yes, I watched a Taiwan show and they did mention about the square watermelon. But the Kangaroo, the pic looks weird 😛

  8. Dear Beckysmum,
    Thanks for your comment. You saw a Taiwan show where they mention about square watermelons? I wonder if they will start producing them? Taiwan is very innovative when it comes to growing fruit. I remember eating their delicious Guava (Jambu) when I was in Taiwan. Their Guavas are sweet, soft and big in size compared to the ones that I ate in Malaysia.

    The Kangaroo picture looks weird to you? OK. I have to admit, I was fooled. I think I posted this article a bit too hasty. Looking back, I feel kinda dumb. I guess that it is a reminder for me to walk more in the spirit.

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