Deep Fried Belacan Chicken and Five Facts About Me (Part 2)

There is something about deep fried food that attracts both the young and old. If I were to pick a dish that I loved from childhood (cooked by my Mom), it would have to be Fried Chicken.

Here are some tips for deep frying foods from busycooks link.

  • To start, choose your cooking oil carefully. Oils with high ‘smoke points’, in other words, those which do not break down at deep frying temperatures, are best. Peanut oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil are some good choices.
  • Choose a deep, very heavy skillet to fry with. Add oil to the cold pan, leaving a headspace, or space at the top of the pan, of at least two inches. This allows a safety margin when the oil bubbles up as the food is added.
  • Make sure that the food you’re going to fry is dry. Letting it sit on paper towels, or coating it in flour or bread crumbs is a good way to ensure this. Let the coated food sit on a wire rack for 20-30 minutes so the coating dries and sets.
  • Begin heating the oil over medium high heat. If you have a deep fat frying thermometer, use it! The best temperature is 350 to 375 degrees F. If you don’t have a thermometer, the oil is ready when a 1″ cube of white bread dropped into the oil browns in 60 seconds; that oil temperature will be about 365 degrees F.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pan! Carefully add the food, leaving lots of space around each piece so the food will cook evenly. If you add too much food at once, the oil temperature will drop and the food will absorb fat instead of instantly searing.
  • Watch the food carefully as it cooks, regulating the heat if necessary to keep that oil temperature between 350 and 375 degrees F. When the food is browned according to the time in the recipe, it’s done. Remove it with a slotted spoon or a heavy stainless steel sieve with a long handle. Drop it onto paper towels to drain.
  • Fried foods can be kept warm in a 200 degrees F. oven until all the food is fried.
  • Oil and water DO NOT MIX!! Keep water away from the hot oil. If you pour water on the oil, the mixture will explode. If the oil smokes or catches fire, cover it with a pan lid or cookie sheet. You can use baking soda to put out any grease fires, but be careful that you don’t spread the flames around.
  • I always keep a fire extinguisher in my kitchen, just in case. Learn how to use it NOW, before you may need it.
  • Don’t reuse the cooking oil. Some sources say you can strain it and reuse it, but the oil has already begun to break down from the heat, and undesirable compounds like trans fats have formed. Let the oil cool completely, then discard safely.

The following was the Deep Fried Belacan Chicken that I made. The meat is moist and very flavorful.

The secret to my delicious deep fried chicken is the following ready spice mix Balacan Chicken packet from Hup Loong. Looking at the chicken photo on the packet, I think I can further improve on my deep frying skills.

My last article was Five Facts About Me (part 1). Here’s part 2. The next two facts about me are not related to food. I am not even sure if I should reveal this much information about myself. I was triggered to write the following after seeing neighbor dog’s poop on our driveway.

Fact 4: I am a sinner. In the past, I have thought that I am a good person. However, ever since I start attending church, I am more aware of my sins.

I have “Monk” syndrome. I am intolerant to hairs that are not attached to one’s scalp. Hence, I use the vacuum at least once a day. Additionally, I am constantly striving to be perfect. May the Lord grant me the wisdom to do what is right.

Fact 5: I love to write. I love to write because I can edit. I can delete the sentences that I don’t think is appropriate. I can take my time to collect my thoughts and write them out in a way that is easy for my readers to understand. I know my pastor would love for me to pray out loud at church. However, as is, I have a hard time speaking eloquently to articulate my thoughts. Perhaps someday when I am 60 years old, God will bless me with a gift of tongues that is in plain language so that everyone can understand. If that happens, I can speak freely with the help of Holy Spirit.


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14 responses to “Deep Fried Belacan Chicken and Five Facts About Me (Part 2)

  1. oohh, you’re so like me Lee Ping! i have a bit of OCD myself, so it’s actually embarrasing to have people come to my house, they tend to compliment too much! 🙂 in their minds, i think, they’re saying, this woman is crazy! 🙂

  2. I laughed at your emphasis on Oil and Water not mixing. I learnt my lesson a looong time ago when I experienced exploding oil in my kitchen. Till now, I have a fear for deep frying.

  3. Dear Eliza,
    We would make a lovely couple. Won’t we? If we were a couple, our home will look like a model home every day. Speaking of model home, check out this cool floating round bed. Cool isn’t it? I am somewhat addicted to this blog currently. I guess if you tag me again, I will have to say home decor is my passion, next to cooking. 🙂
    But seriously, I think the people who compliment you really mean what they tell you. 🙂

    Dear LL,
    You experienced exploding oil in your kitchen? I hope your face was out of harm’s way. I have a kitchen tool (oil splatter screen) that I use to shield my face when I am deep frying.
    It is a pleasant surprise to receive a comment from you. Your blog has improved a lot since we first met, both photography and writings. Great job.

  4. wmw

    I can’t pray out loud too…

  5. Dear Mrs HBT, I used to be able to write better than I can speak (that’s why I went into journalism and publishing), and then my writing got worse (or my speaking got better?!). Sometimes my other half cannot understand what I’m saying no matter how plainly I put it — it can be exasperating and frustrating.

    When I was single, my house was a mess. Now that I’m spoken for and sharing an apartment, I’ve adopted most of my other half’s obsessive-compulsive habits. Except when he’s out of town for a few days — then I gleefully let it ALL slide…

    Mrs HBT, you’re just human. We each have our own idiosyncrasies.

  6. haa…my mom sweep and mop her floor 3 times a day and complain that I only take shower once a day 🙂

    Thanks for the deep frying tips. Just bought a deep fryer on sales!! but don’t think i will try it out until later the year..

    Oh.. if you like fry chicken check out Tyler Florence double dip fry chicken!

  7. alice

    Lee Ping,
    You wouldn’t believe it if I told you that I accidentally opened a bottle of soy sauce (instead of oil) and add it to the insuffient oil in the wok. I didn’t realise it until after I pour about half cup of the soy sauce. It didn’t explode, though. I deep fried tempura fish and it tasted salty! Haha! Too many things on my mind, I suppose.
    I love to watch Monk and even bought the dvds but until season 4 only, I think. Haven’t finish watching them- no time.
    Hey, you are like me. I am not eloquent and always mess up my prayer when praying out loud in the ladies’ prayer meeting.
    Btw, where did you buy the belacan powder? The online sale is expensive.

  8. alice

    p.s please ignore my grammatical mistakes. I was in a hurry.

  9. haha…guess what, i am going to fried chicken tonite, and your tips just arrive at the right time 😛

  10. alice

    I am tempted to try the deep-fried Belacan Chicken with the belacan powder which I have on hand. But I must first look up Amy Beh’s recipe in Clove, Staronline (if there is one).

  11. Dear WMW,
    We have great relationship with our earthly father. Once we have a better relationship with our heavenly father, we may be able to speak to our heavenly father. Doing it in public may still be a challenge for me. 🙂

    Dear Argus,
    You should give yourself more credit. I love reading the comments you leave on the blogs. As far as your other half, remember he is missing one rib. Bible, in the book of Genesis said that God took one rib from Adam to make Eve. So, if he doesn’t understand you, it is because he is missing one rib!

    It is ironic that opposites attract. Your spouse has obsessive compulsive habits, and you do not. I do let house work slide sometimes, when I am happily blogging.

    Dear Cocoa,
    When I read your comment, I thought of my own Mom. I remember when we were still living in Malaysia, she would wipe the floors everyday.

    Enjoy your new deep fryer. Be careful cleaning the deep fryer. I “shorted” mine a couple of years ago. I am thinking that I did not dry the machine prior to usage. Either that, or I just used mine so often that it died eventually after one year.

    Thanks for sharing Tyler Florence double dip Fried Chicken. I will check out his recipe on food network. By the way, he is one of my favorite celebrity chef.

    Dear Alice,
    You added soy instead of oil? I agree with you, I think you have too many things on your mind. Perhaps you are already doing this. Recently, I resumed my morning devotions and found that I have more time and energy in a day. There was a time where I start my day with checking my blog stats. Not much was done, and I felt tired most of the day.

    You love to watch Monk and even bought his DVDs? You said that you mess up in prayer? We are alike.

    It is hard for us Malaysians to speak eloquently because we know so many languages.

    You asked about the belacan powder. I bought it from Fu Bon. It is a local Chinese Grocery here where I live. I have not checked the online price yet.

    P/s Did you have grammatical mistakes? I did not even notice. Thanks for leaving me such a long comment in spite of your busy schedule.

    P/p/s You are attempting deep fried Belacan Chicken. Great! I use Amy Beh for some Malaysian recipes as well. So nice of her to be sharing her knowledge with all of us.

    Dear Chinnee,
    I am glad the tips I posted helped you in time for your fried chicken. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the sweet compliments! 🙂

    Btw, my MIL gave me an oil splatter screen. Such a thoughtful gift, dontcha think? 🙂 But I am still fearful.

  13. Linda

    Hi MrsHBT,
    I love reading your blog and it has greatly inspired me to do something similar – I’m a keen writer and I have streams of thoughts all the time! In addition to that, I enjoy trying out new and fun recipes.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your honesty and the inspiring insights. I felt very encouraged by the Armstrong song – nobody knows, but Jesus. When I read this it felt as if God is speaking to me personally – the comfort is amazing and precious. Your words have been used mightily and please be glad 🙂

  14. Dear Linda,
    Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. Tonight was one of the bad nights. I pour my heart out to God. I guess I fell asleep for a bit and then, I awoke. I thought I heard God told me, “You have lessons to learn, my child”.

    My faith is very small and I have my doubts but I am convinced that loving God is the secret to a happy marriage, the secret to being an awesome Mom and the secret to a fulfilled life.

    Blogging is one of the best things that happened in my life. I just wish I started earlier. Of course, there are days, when I am weak and I don’t feel like doing much but God has been faithful by answering to my cries and strenghtened me, physically and emotionally, with His words.

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