Tuxedo Strawberry

Didn’t think I could do it but I did it! I made these gorgeous Tuxedo Strawberry. The strawberry in the center is representation of a lady wearing a white V-line dress with white pearl necklace.

(I was inspired by this creation.)

My experiment started with a basket full of fresh strawberry. The crunch from fresh strawberry with the sweetness from the chocolate makes this a great dessert.

TIP: Use fresh strawberry.

I recommend that you dry these berries before applying the chocolate. Any moisture from the berries will cause the chocolate to dry out, thus making the chocolate harder to coat the berries smoothly.

TIP: Gently wipe strawberries with paper towel before dipping into chocolate.

Sometimes, a little moisture does go into the chocolate mixture, no worries, add a little oil into the chocolate mixture, stir well and your chocolate is good to go again. I have tried olive oil and grapeseed oil and both of these varieties work for me.

TIP: Stir in a little oil if the chocolate mixture is too thick but not too much or the chocolate coating will look diluted.

TIP: Let white chocolate (tuxedo vest) hardened first before dipping into the dark chocolate (tuxedo outer suit). Before piping the final bow tie and the buttons, make sure the layers of chocolate are dry.

After a few failures, I was able to reproduce what I saw on some gourmet chocolate shops.
Here’s the recipe from Simply Recipes.  Have you tried making chocolate covered strawberries, yet?


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12 responses to “Tuxedo Strawberry

  1. Alice

    Too pretty to be eaten. So cute. Hey, you can start a fruit decoration shop!

  2. Ben

    Hi Lee Ping:
    Good job … I am sooo impressed. I’ll definitely try to make it the next time we have a gathering.

  3. I love your pretty strawberries!

  4. i’ve never done that before, you did such a great job!
    i’ve tagged you and please look at my post: http://fooddiary.blogsome.com/2008/02/20/here-i-go/. hope you could play along!

  5. I love choc cover strawberries..yours looks so beautiful. gotta try this maybe next valentine’s day?? 🙂

    by the way you have been tagged. please check out my blog for the tag.

  6. this is so cute! thanks for all the tips. will want to make this with my doremi cousins when I go visit them next month.

  7. Hey Lee Ping,

    thanks for your encouragement. I feel so blessed to have you as a friend. =)

    By the way, you’ve been tagged and I hope you don’t mind sharing 5 facts about yourself!


  8. wmw

    The strawberries (I love ’em) are so cute, great job!

  9. So cute, pretty and ingenious!
    Mrs HBT, you’re a wonderful mum. ^_^
    Now I’m heading over to check out your dim sum recipes…

  10. Dear Alice,
    Thanks for your faithfulness in commenting on my blog. You are a great sister in Christ. Each one of these Tuxedo Strawberries are made with love and the person eating it will feel that they are loved. That was my intention. As far as starting a fruit decoration shop, let’s see what our Lord has planned for me. 🙂

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for your comment. Have fun making these chocolate covered strawberries. I sure did, especially the ones that turned out pretty.

    Dear East Meets West Kitchen,
    I love my pretty strawberries as well. Thanks for coming by.

    Dear Eliza and Cocoa,
    Thanks for your compliments and for the tag.

    Dear Teckiee,
    If you make these Chocolate Covered Strawberries for your DoReMi cousins, you can cover the strawberries with dark chocolate first and then write “Do”, “Re” and “Me” with white chocolate. That way, they each get their own personalized strawberry.

    Dear Bernice,
    You are welcome. I understand the frustration of failure. I see that you are doing very well these days. Who knows, one day when you turn 20, you will be a famous chef.

    Dear WMW,
    Thanks for your faithful comments. Hope you are fully recovered from your recent fever.

    Dear Argus,
    Thanks for your comment and compliments. I pray hard to be a good Mom. I just started to kneel down before God each morning to pray for my family.

    P/s I realized that I need to create a page for all the dim sum recipes that I have shared so far. So much to do, so little time, so little energy… If I were a celebrity, I would hire you to maintain my blog. You are a good diplomat and editor.

  11. The strawberries look so gorgeous, how to eat them?lol!

  12. Hi BigBoysOven,
    Thanks for your comment. They do look gorgeous but like flowers, they don’t last too long. So, after a couple of days in the refrigerator, we ate the leftovers.

    P/s I have visited your blog more often these days. Good to know that you are doing so well.

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