Clean Gums

Not long ago I discovered a product.  This morning I am inspired to share that with you.  This product has to do with food.  Can you guess what this tool is used for?

Answer: This tool is a soft toothpick that cleans your gum, as well as massages the gums between your teeth.  I use it after each meal, whenever possible.  Ever since I started wearing braces, I fell in love with this product.  I have tried other flosses but I found this one most comfortable and easy to use.  However, this soft toothpick is not for everyone.  If you use extra force, it will bend too much and you have to discard it.

Without healthy gums (and teeth), it is hard to enjoy good food, isn’t it?  The next tool is my all-time favorite.  I use it in between my teeth.  I like it because the floss thread is on a holder and I can use it like a toothbrush.

Although I have seen some chewing gums in the market that claims to clean your teeth as you chew, this article is not about chewing gum but cleaning the gums in your mouth.  Hopefully with these two tools, you will be more motivated to floss.


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