When did your baby have her first tooth? I paused for a while and then replied, “I don’t remember.” My baby is only 2 and I cannot remember when she has her first teeth or first walk. But I do remember her first word. Her first word was “No” or “Piyeh” to be exact. “Pu Yao” is no in mandarin and she had combined the two words into one word.

A few months ago, she started to recognize elephants and was excited to tell me when she saw one in the books. “Efele” was what she said. We tried correcting her and finally she got it! Now, when her older sisters are trying to trick her into saying the wrong way, she is smart enough to know what is right. Good for you, my Little Chicken.


When? That is the question. My two year old daughter finally learned to pronounce the word elephant correctly. I was reading a bible verse yesterday, and I did not understand. Today, with a different attitude, I understood what the verse meant. It is a great feeling understanding God’s words. I don’t want to be an infant forever. It is time for me to grow up.


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