Green Acorn Squash



I first ate this at a church sister’s home. I have always wanted to learn how to cook “hard skin” vegetables. Mom said to put the whole acorn squash into the oven and bake it until soft (400 degress Fahrenheit for about 1 hour). This method can be used for pumpkin as well.

Since, I am not cooking many acorn squash at a time, it will be a waste to cook a small acorn squash in a big oven. Hence, I usually cook acorn squash when I am baking a cake.

Choose an acorn squash that is hard (very firm) to touch. Wash only prior to cooking. Put in the whole acorn squash (uncut) into the oven. When or before the cake is done, the acorn is nice and soft. Cut the acorn into slices and sprinkle with some brown sugar.

I have categorized this article under Hip food because

  1. it is healthy (check out their vitamins in Wikipedia)
  2. it is simple to prepare
  3. it is delightfully delicious

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