Stream in the Hip Desert


I have decided to take a break in posting new articles.

I will continue to update Places to Visit and Places to Eat pages on my blog. If you have questions on any of my previously posted recipes, please feel free to write to me, through posting comments on my blog or by emailing me at I learn by teaching others.

Streams in the Desert (page 243)

“At midnight, I found myself completely unable to sleep. Waves of cruel injustice were sweeping over me, and the covering of love seemed to have been unknowingly removed from my heart….

Suddenly restful sleep came to me. And the wound that had seemed so deadly was healed without a scar. God’s love has covered so completely that today, I cannot remember what caused my grief.”



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24 responses to “Stream in the Hip Desert

  1. mrshbt:
    How can you leave us all alone? don’t abandone us lar…. we love having you around. hmmmmm…….. anyway don’t take such a long break, ya!
    Take care yeah.

  2. wmw

    See you soon….waiting to see more “happy walls” that never fail to make me smile more! :o)

  3. Kenny Mah

    A break is always good. I’ve taken more than one before, and it always helps to refresh my batteries. These days I update my blog whenever I feel like it. This way there is less pressure to keep to a regular schedule.

    Remember, blogging isn’t a job — it should be a pleasure! 🙂

    Take care and all the best with all your endeavours. We’ll keep in touch via email.

  4. mei

    Always looking forward to reading your posts. Have a nice break and look forward to your return soon.

  5. Here’s wishing you a wonderful & refreshing break, MrsHBT.
    May your days be sunny & bright and your nights cosy and warm.
    May smiles & laughter perch on your lips and love & joy light the hearth of your heart.

  6. alice

    Let the word of God fills your cup daily and may it overflows with His joy, peace and love. Take it easy with the things around you and enjoy His presence instead.

  7. Take care, have a cuppa, have a good rest 🙂

  8. You have a lot going for you, and blogging is secondary to your happiness in life. Enjoy your break and god bless!

  9. hey Leeping,
    Enjoy your break! I made the shrimp and mango appetizers for a dinner party the other day, and it is a winner! Everybody enjoys it. 🙂

  10. Have fun with your kids and kitchen with your break! and do tell us more about the book =)

  11. Sounds strange…. I miss reading Lee Ping’s post.

  12. lily ng

    lee ping

    enjoy your break and please do keep in touch

  13. come back soon…you have an award to show on…


  14. We’ll miss you! have a good break!

  15. ilene ong

    Lee Ping, it’s been sometime since I visited your blog. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. While you take your break, that would give me time to catch up with you.

    BTW, your Klang bak kut teh story is in today’s STAR. It’s reported that THE outlet is older than our 50 years of merdeka!


  16. alice

    Miss you and hope you are more settled down now.

  17. alice

    How are you getting on now that your kids are back in school?

  18. We, the big boys ….. MISS YOU TOO!!!

  19. alice

    You are invited to a music concert on my blog for some laughs.

  20. wmw

    Dropping you a note to say Hi!

  21. Hey, I hope you’re doing fine. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog eversince I starts baking and I really MISS your posts!!! Do update soon!!!

  22. Dear Friends,
    Thank you all for your encouragements and concerns. I hope to resume sharing delicious recipes and life tips soon.

    For those of you who have questions regarding my recipes, I have answered all your questions via email as I received them. Hope they were helpful to you.

  23. Alice

    Lee Ping,
    Since your comment site is closed temporarily, I’ll comment here. Here’s me wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

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