Viennese Whirls

These butter cookies are highly addictive and one piece is never enough. Little Tiger (left) and Little Dragon (right) can finish two trays of cookies by themselves. This is a fun project for kids. If they messed up, you can scoop the batter up and re-pipe. Do cut up extra cherries because a few cherries may not make it to the cookie. Cherry is Little Dragon’s favorite.

Recipe is from Cafe of the East.


We used a standard piping bag with star tip to pipe out the cookies. We found it a little hard to push out the cookie dough. After reading baking 911 tips, I am thinking about using a cookie press.



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25 responses to “Viennese Whirls

  1. alice

    Reminds me of the tin of assorted butter cookies. I am looking for the cookie that melts in the mouth, not the crispy type. A Malay friend made this for Hari Raya. Can’t remember the name and lost the recipe written on a small piece of paper. Maybe it is a butter spritz cookie

  2. A cookie press is not easy to press, too, MrsHBT, especially for a small child. Perhaps you can try patting down a lump of dough thickly and using a simple cookie cutter (easy flower shapes, not animal ones with small leg and ear bits) pre-dipped in flour.

    A few years ago, I was crazy about making cookies, and would try them out on my colleagues every week. Soon I found out who were simple in taste — those ate and liked everything! — and who were fussy and discriminating (they’d comment on texture, flavour and sweetness!). My favourites are butter cookies, chewy chocolate chip, Greek cookies, and iced Christmas cookies. ^_^

  3. Lee Ping, I learn more food vocabulary here than I do anywhere else. I didn’t even know they were called ‘Viennese whirls’. I just eat them =P

  4. Your cookies look lovely. I’m a cookie monster as well..though been eating a bit less lately as I’ve been trying to diet…unsuccessfully though 😉

  5. Looks great. You are right, a cookie presser will give a nice swirl.

    In fact, I think once you have a cookie presser, you will end up doing more than viennese whirls. I stop doing them because they are too fattening. Now you’ve made me wonder if I should start making them again. 🙂 Thanks.

  6. Lovely! I bought a cookie press but have yet to use it. I only have mood to bake cookies when it’s near Christmas or CNY. I really should invest myself a Slipat! The silicon mats that I bought curl up when in the hot oven!! *Ugh*

  7. Dear Alice,

    The cookie that you mentioned, is it white? Could it be Kuih Bangkit Mentega? Here’s the recipe link (also from Café of the East).

    Viennese Whirls also melts in the mouth, if I don’t over-bake it. I love festives’ foods.

    Dear Argus,
    I owned a cookie press once. However, I gave it away because I found it hard to use. I thought that I did not have the correct recipe. Now that I have the right recipe, I am thinking of trying to make cookie from press again.

    We have tons of plastic cookie cutters at home. For Little Tiger’s birthday, her guests picked out their favorite cookie cutter and made their own cookies. They also enjoyed decorating the cookies. You are right about avoiding animal cookie cutters that have small legs and ears bits, and predipping the cutter in flour. I also learned from Alton brown to buy plastic cookie cutters because they don’t bend like the steel ones.

    I bet your colleagues missed eating your cookies every week. You mentioned your favorite cookies, butter cookies, chewy chocolate chip, Greek cookies, and iced Christmas cookies. I have never tried Greek Cookies but I have tried all the other kinds that you mentioned.

    Dear Jonzz,
    Prior to writing this article, I did not know they were called Viennese Whirls either. I think it is brilliant to have a beautiful fancy name for such a delicious butter cookie.

    Dear wokandspoon,
    Thanks for the compliments. My painter called while I was baking and many of the cookies were a little too brown. For the photograph, I picked out a few that looked lovely.

    Dear Judy,
    Thanks, the cookies do look great. My family and I love this recipe so I will seriously consider buying a cookie press. When I buy a cookie press, I want to try making Muruku using your recipe. First, I need to find gram flour as that is the major ingredient in Muruku.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    If you try this recipe using your new cookie press, please let me know how it goes for you. I wonder if the cookie dough is easier to dispense out from the cookie press. Silpat is great! If your silicon mat is curling up in the hot oven, it is probably not good for your health. I bought my Silpat from Bed Bath and Beyond. They send me 20% and $5 off coupons. So, the Silpat is around $15 each with coupon, it is around $19 without the coupon.
    p/s So, I am not pregnant after all. I have just been busy with the kids (and remodeling).

  8. One of these days, MrsHBT, perhaps I will bake some Greek cookies, take their pictures and blog about it. As for my colleagues, only the unfussy ones would miss being ‘guinea pigs’ for my baked creations. ^_^

  9. Dear Argus,
    I read in Wikipedia that Greek desserts are dominated by nuts and honey. Both of these ingredients are my favorite. I think I will like Greek cookies, provided that it is not too sweet. 🙂

    When you blog about Greek cookies, I will be able to learn more about it. I am a fussy eater but I never refuse homemade foods from friends or neighbors, especially when I know that they have labored making the dish.

  10. Great stuff…. looks really lovely…. good for kids to start off in the kitchen…. by then they will be great chef.

  11. Kenny Mah

    My dear, I love cookies too, esp. the very chocolatey ones, but they are so sinfully sweet and bad for the waistline! The trick is moderation. And resisting the temptation to take just one more. And one more after that. And after that…

    Your daughters are so lucky: my Mom would never let me help her bake when I was a kid, but then my “help” usually consisted of making a mess and swiping away at raw cookie dough, so maybe she was right to shoo me out of the kitchen after all… 😆

  12. My kiddos are too young to help with the cookie press or the piping bag, but they’ll come running when they smell cookies baking in the oven! 🙂
    Your cookies look lovely!

  13. BigBoysOven,
    Thanks. You said “good for kids to start off in the kitchen…. by then they will be great chef.” Is that how you become such a good chef and baker? You boys must have started baking since you were little.

    I will try to remember you like cookies that are very chocolaty. Extra butter is bad for the waistline as well as any parts of the body below the waist and after 3 kids, I know. However, I don’t think you have to worry because you are a body balance instructor.

    You mentioned that your Mom would never let you help her bake when you were a kid. I remember growing up in Malaysia, any free time I had, Mom would ask me to study or practice piano. It is really different here in the US. Children don’t have much pressure to perform in school.

    You said my daughters are lucky because I allow them to bake with me. They do have fun in the kitchen and I don’t mind the mess. I thank God for modern conveniences, central vacuum, washing machine and dryer.

    Dear eastmeetswestkitchen,
    You are right, your twin girls are definitely too young to press or pipe cookies. However, they may enjoy using cookie cutter. The aroma from freshly baked cookies beats any scented candle.

  14. wmw

    Yum! Cookies….They look good. Most of all, times like these are priceless, making cookies with your family.

  15. Back when I was a kid, the only time we ever made cookies was during the festive season. Your kids are fortunate – having a family project like this is fun and the bonding process is an added benefit!

    I like the fact that you’re not too fussy about a messy kitchen. Takes the pressure off for sure! hehe.

  16. alice

    Lee Ping,
    It’s not kuih bangkit. I think it is kuih samprit. If in English, it might be spritz cookies.

  17. Lee Ping,
    I bought my silicon pats at BB&B also, thought if it’s worked the same and cheaper, why not right? Who knew it would curl up! Yeah, I saw the slipat at BB&B also selling for $19.99. Will get it the next time I am there. I have the coupon. I want the Microplane zester too, but at $12.99 each, need to consider! LOL!

    Oh yeah, hoping you can finish the remodeling before your parents get here. It would be nice!

  18. Polly

    Hi Lee Ping,

    coincidently spot yrs blog through my friend blog-Chowtimes…I’ve a friend name Lee Ping too, just to find out whether is the same Lee Ping ? Well, it’s not, but I was great that to click on yrs blog. Especially yrs Little tiger & little dragon having fun making cookies. My twins daughter “Little Spot” & Little Worn” always helping me out making cake too.

    I’ve steam bananas cake recipe, very healty cake for kids. check on chowtimes’s blog to get the recipe, I hope yrs kids love it. Easy step, my 7 years twins managed to made a good one.

  19. Dear WMW,
    Yum indeed. I love cooking and baking with my daughters (all three of them). Before Little Chicken turned 2, she already knows some baking terms. One day, I need to buy each one of them a rolling pin because they all want to roll out the dough and won’t take turns.

    Dear Lyrical Lemongrass,
    You made cookies during festive season, when you were a kid? You must have enjoyed making as well as eating them? Mess from flour doesn’t bother me. It is dry and a working vacuum sucks it all up in minutes. Gardening on the other hand is a different story. 🙂

    Dear Alice,
    I researched a little on Kuih Samprit. I found it referenced in Hari Raya festive cookies. From the photo, it does look like Spritz cookies. I also saw some other yummy looking cookies on that same page.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    Do you use microplane zester to grate Lemon/Lime zest? If so, I use gadget that probably costs less than $12.99. I took a photo of the tool that I use. Here’s the link.

    The painters will start painting later this week. Then new gutter needs to go up and painter needs to come back to paint the gutter. There’s a chance that we can finish before my parents arrive. 🙂

    Dear Polly,
    Welcome to my blog. Ironically, my bridesmaid’s name is Pollyn. She is from Singapore. You mentioned your friend’s name is also Lee Ping. What a coincidence!

    I just read the steam banana cake recipe from Chowtimes blog. I will try out this recipe with my daughters because it is simple. Ingredients: 1 ripe banana, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon oil, 2 teaspoons water, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1/4 cup icing sugar, 100g (close to 1 cup) all-purpose flour. Mix all the ingredients with fork and steam the cake on a rack for 15 to 18 minutes until a tester inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

    p/s Your 7 year old twin daughters have interesting nicknames, Little Worn and Little Spot.

  20. Little Tiger and Little Dragon are so good in the kitchen!! THey are going to be master cooks like their mama!

  21. Dear SteamyKitchen,
    Thanks. I don’t know if I am a master cook but I sure have lots to learn from you and other Mommie bloggers.

    p/s The next time I see fresh mussels I will buy them and cook it using your recipe.

  22. Kenny Mah

    Well, despite my Mom not letting me help her (cos I was very messy), my inner hungry-little-pig triumphed when I was living abroad alone and I managed to cook all sorts of Malaysian dishes simply from memory of spying on my Mom cooking. So I always tell my friends they don’t need formal cooking classes to know how to cook … just have to be greedy like me! 😆

    As for BodyBalance, I’m delaying my training till end of this year/next year due to busy-ness. My last fitness test was so poor! 😦

    Also, I just hurt my lower back so now seeing a physiotherapist and if I’m at the gym, it’d be for the steam bath/sauna since heat is good for my back. But given time, I’ll be back in action! 😀

  23. Kenny,
    You are a man full of talents. I am not surprised that you can cook.

    I am sorry that you hurt your lower back. It must be from your recent move to your new home. Back pain is no fun, it can bring a person’s spirit down. Yes, heal first before you do anything else that will aggravate the pain.

    Physical therapy will help but you must do the proper exercise. A well trained physiotherapist will know what type of exercise is suitable for you.

  24. Hi Lee Ping,
    I have the grater you shown in the picture. But I like the good zester leh! Just not sure whether to invest in a microplane or not since I hardly really use it. Not like I zesting all the times. Thus, come the tough choice!

  25. Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    I inherited a microplane grater from my husband when we got married. I think it was my MIL’s. Anyway, it is not very sharp so I don’t use it at all. I don’t even know if I still have it. To buy or not to buy? I know how you feel, it is a tough choice.

    When I first got married, my husband could not understand why I would spend so much time thinking about whether to buy or not to buy. After 14 years of marriage, I have compromised. I have learned a few tricks to do fast shopping when he is with me or I just shop by myself. I think he has compromised as well, he is starting to be coupon conscientious.

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