Shrimp and Mango Appetizer

“Mom, you are an iron chef!”
“Mom, can you make this everyday?”

My children are so sweet. I love hearing those compliments.

This is a simple appetizer that I learned from a church sister. As you can see, the ingredients are simple: wonton skin, mango, shrimp, cilantro, mayonnaise, and ketchup. Enclose the wonton skin, seal it tight (with some water, if necessary) and deep fry until golden brown.

This appetizer is super delicious and highly addictive.



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32 responses to “Shrimp and Mango Appetizer

  1. alice

    I have shiu mai skin, imitation crab stick and canned mango but no wantan skin, cilantro and shrimp. Hmm…. shall I improvise or shall I try your shiu mai recipe in your previous blogs. I had ready boiled bamboo shoots? Dinner time now. Haha, I have so many food blogs to visit that I never run out of things to cook, thanks to you all.

  2. Wah Iron Chef, I love that show! I must give this one a try. Reading it already makes me hungry. But can I use canned mango as fresh ones aren’t in season? LP, you are so good, I was thinking yesterday how you managed to make all these yummy dishes everyday?

  3. Ooo! I have all the ingredients on hand and can’t wait to try it. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I love the simplicity of your ideas, MrsHBT, and yet how delicious they are. Since I don’t deep-fry I’m thinking of using a base such as thinly sliced toast made from home-baked bread or even wasabe chips bought from the store. As for the prawn, I’ll use tail-less ones boiled in brine or saute-ed in a bit of butter. What do you think?

  5. What you see and what you get…..what a gorgeous and juicy yet delicious deep fried dumplings. I love shrimps.

  6. alice

    Too bad it’s hard to get cilantro here. Only Chinatown sells it here. Tried to grow it once years ago from from the stem of cilantro I bought from Chinatown , but came winter, it withered and died even though I kept it inside the house near the window.

  7. Wow, this is a great appertizer! I already know it’s going to taste fantastic! I have all the ingredients except Mango. Um, canned mango, I haven’t seen it before, can we get it in the states?

  8. hi, saw your link from another blog. I have a gal too, at 3. Love to see your food pictures as I love to cook too (though seldom lately). Hope u dont mind me creating a link to your blog 🙂

  9. wmw

    Iron Chef, new nickname??? :o) Aahhh…it’s really so nice to have a mom that cooks so well. I miss my mom’s cooking. She doesn’t cook much nowadays…

  10. mrs iron chef!
    your daughters are so sweet! I am definitely going to make this soon! Thanks for the idea!!!

  11. You are tempting me into deep-frying again…oh!
    What do you think can substitute mango if they ever run out after summer?

  12. mei

    Clicked on your link from my daughter’s blog (vern). Love your posts. Will definitely try out this dish when my daughter is home – I m definitely sure she’ll love it (if it turns out ok, that is). Will let you know then.

    Btw, your daughters are very cute. Put up more posts on them. Love to look at them.

  13. HAHAHAHA your kids are watching too much of TV! But its a good thing.. iron chef is a good show. Training yourself and the kids to e future iron chef ? ;p

  14. Dear Alice,
    You mentioned that you have shiu mai skin but no wanton skin. I have never seen shiu mai skin in the Asian groceries but I have seen wonton skin. There are two kinds of wonton skin, the thick or thin kind. Perhaps the thin wonton skin is equivalent to shiu mai skin?

    So, what did you end up making for dinner?

    Dear Priscilla,
    You love to see Iron Chef? Mango is in season here because it is Summer here in the US. It is Winter where you are, isn’t it? I remember Australia celebrates Christmas in the Summer time. 😉

    I guess you could use canned Mango, don’t include the juice though.

    “LP you are so good, I was thinking yesterday how you managed to make all these yummy dishes everyday?” Thanks. I love delicate, delicious, authentic foods. I love to try new recipes. I guess when there is a will, there is a way. And I am blessed to have friends who are willing to share their secret recipes with me. In return, I am “paying it forward” by teaching others.

    Dear eastmeetswestkitchen,
    Let me know how the recipe works out for you. Additional information, I used Japanese mayonnaise. Also, when it is out of the deep fryer, you will be tempted to try. Refrain from trying it immediately as it is extremely hot.

    Dear Argus,
    Thank you. I love simple delicious dishes. When the sister at church shared her recipe, she used an electric grill. It tasted pretty good as well. Using toast or wasabe chips is brilliant. You could precook the shrimp, peel the shell and mix it with cilantro, mango, mayonnaise and ketchup. Mix it well and serve it as a dip with your toast or wasabe chips.
    Sautéing it with butter is a good idea but not necessary if you are going for low fat.

    Big Boys Oven,
    You are right about the juice. I bit into one of the dumplings fresh out of the deep fryer and the juice splashed to my lip.

    Dear Alice,
    Cilantro plant has a short “blooming” period. I like to grow my own Cilantro because store bought Cilantros don’t keep very long in my fridge. However, the cilantro plant that I planted 2 months ago is flowering now and not much leaves for me to harvest.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    I have not seen canned Mango in the US either. Do you have Costco in Colorado? I just bought a pack of 6 champagne manilla mangos from Costco and they were really good. If it is bright yellow, it is ripe and it will be sweet.

    Dear Chinnee,
    Welcome to my blog. No, I don’t mind you creating a link to my blog. I have linked to yours as well. I hope I got your location correct. You were originally from Malacca but now you are in PJ, Malaysia right?

    Dear WMW,
    I miss my Mom’s cooking as well. I think my Mom’s cooking skills have improved since she moved from Malaysia to overseas. I no longer secretly throw Mom’s food down the “longkang” anymore.

    Dear Mandy,
    “Mrs. Iron Chef” Thanks for the nickname but I don’t think I am qualified (just yet). Let me know how it goes for you.

    Dear Tigerfish,
    I am tempting you into deep frying again? I hope that it is a good temptation. I don’t think you will be disappointed with this dish, I guarantee it. I sound like the “Men’s Warehouse” commercial, don’t I?

    You asked, what you can substitute mango with, if it is not available after summer? That is a good question. Do you have any ideas? I am answering a question by asking a question which my husband hates. Sorry, I don’t have a good answer for this one. Mango has a unique taste and texture that no other fruit has. How about substituting with pineapple? Pineapple is $2.99 each at Costco during winter time.

    Dear Mei,
    Thanks for stopping by. I can tell you are a great Mom. I think it is great that Vern is sharing her experiences at college with you through blogging. You can also get to know the company she keeps. 😉

    This dish is a simple dish and I am sure it will turn out great for you.

    Thank you, my daughters are very cute indeed. I will put up more posts on them. Today, we made cookies, believe it or not. I will be posting that shortly in the near future. They were helping me to put cut up cherries on the cookies but I noticed a lot of the cherries were missing because they were eating them as they decorate the cookies.

    Dear Teckiee,
    So, you are familiar with Iron Chef as well? I think being a Chef is a honorable job. To be able to use the secret ingredient at the Kitchen Stadium under the 1 hour time pressure with so many eyes watching, to make 5 course meal is not an easy task. I don’t think I will be an Iron Chef but I would be proud if any of my daughters become one.

  15. alice

    I cooked the shiu mai with your recipe and spinach and wolfberries soup with meatballs. Simple dinner cos it’s so hot and humid these days and I don’t want to sweat it out with complicated dishes. My sister sent me a packet of ‘cilantro’ seeds. I grew it and it shot up looking like cilantro. I was so thrilled but when I harvested it, it smelled like chinese celery (keng chai). My sister thought that chinese celery is another name for cilantro cos the picture on the packet shows quite similar leaves. Ah, I was disappointed.

  16. alice

    By the way, I commented on the shiu mai post (before Argus) that I would try the shiu mai.

  17. wmw

    hahaha….throw it down the longkang??? You crack me up! LOL

  18. Dear Alice,
    Did you know wolfberry is good for your eyes? I think it is a good idea to improvise a dish to fit our needs. I agree simple dinner is the way to go during hot summer days. My family has been eating steak at least 2 times a week. It is simple meal and best of all, my husband cook it for us on the grill outside. Clean up is easy as well because no pots to wash. Summer corn is extra sweet and juicy. We found the secret to grilling corn; Keep the leaves on the corn while grilling.

    My 3rd sister used to send me things for my kids. I told her not to send anymore because some items cannot be used in America. For example, she sent me children’s DVDs. My DVD machine cannot play the DVDs that she sent because the region is different. Your sister is so sweet to send you seeds. Chinese Celery is not Cilantro for sure, but it is her kind thoughts that count, right?

    I am glad you tried out my recipe. I hope it turned out OK for you. 🙂

    Dear WMW,
    Our drains and sewage system are not visible here. We also have automatic grinder called disposal built-in in our sinks to grind food wastes before it goes down the drain.

    My kids are pretty smart. In the past, when I was not that good of a cook, they used to wrap their food in tissue paper and flush it down the toilet.

    Glad to be able to make you laugh out loud.

  19. Woo! Iron chef! That’s a high compliment!

    LOL, but the last comment made me laugh, ‘In the past, when I was not that good of a cook, they used to wrap their food in tissue paper and flush it down the toilet.’

    Kids sure know how to keep adults down to earth if you let them.

  20. I was just wondering how to make a prawn wonton for my fish eating friends, so thanks for this suggestion – mmm hungry! How would you cook it under the grill if not deep fry it? I never deep fry anything if I can help it – just brush with oil and grill? Would that work? Haha bet your cute kids won’t flush that food down the toilet anymore!

  21. Jonzz,

    Indeed, “Iron Chef” was a high compliment. With a compliment like that, I was encouraged to cook even more delicious food.

    You had a good laugh reading my last comment to WMW? We can all laugh about it now, but back when I first found out my hard work being flushed down the toilet, I was super upset. Our toilet hasn’t been acting the same since the “food flushing” incident. My Mom and Dad while visiting us last year would often hold their business until we are in public toilets. Mom said, “Our toilet is always blocked, there must be something wrong with the sewage system in our house.”

    Aah, all these talk about blocked toilet is definitely not hip for my blog. So, I will officially end it here….

    Dear Msiagirl,
    How are you doing? It is a pleasant surprise to get a comment from you.

    When the church sister holds the cooking lesson for us, we were in a classroom that had no cooking facility. She brought in an electric Panini Grill. She brushed a little olive oil over the Prawn Wontons and grilled it for a few minutes until there were grill marks on them. She did, however, cook the shrimp prior to grilling. I like my shrimp not overcooked so I did not precook my shrimp.

    You said you never deep fry anything if you can help it? I have a friend that never deep fry at her house as well. She had cancer over a year ago and she is rather sensitive to what is hazardous to health. She told me that the fume from deep frying is not good for the chef.

  22. Lee Ping,
    Are you pregnant? Your lack of posting made me wonder you know! 😛

  23. Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    You asked, am I pregnant? A couple of weeks ago, I felt nauseous. I thought I was pregnant as well when I suffered from stomach and back pain. I told my husband that perhaps we have another accident. A day or two later my best friend came. I think he was relieved.

    You wonder why I am posting lesser. I have been busy with the kids and the continuation of home remodeling. When the kids go back to school in the fall, starting in September, I will have more time to post more articles. We are in the final stages of home remodeling. The painters will be coming at the end of next week. I pray that all the work will be completed before my parents arrive. I want to spend quality time with them.

  24. Maninas

    you’ve got a lovely blog! just found it today!

  25. This is interesting.. Try to avoid deep fry dish in my home.. but gotta try this someday.

  26. Maninas,
    Welcome to my blog. If you have any questions regarding my articles, please feel free to ask me.

    Dear Cocoa,
    Mango and shrimp really go well together. If you try it, let me know how you like it. You can grill these wonton appetizers instead of deep frying it. I used pre-made wonton skin but you can make your own skin as well. The church sister showed us how to make our own wrapper skin by using all-purpose flour and water.

  27. definitely delicious. and is easy too. may be can try this one of the weekend. but first need to get some shrimps and mango.

  28. Dear whoisbaby,
    If you try it this appetizer this weekend, let me know how it turns out for you. A little cilantro will enhance the flavor, so if you are buying shrimps and mango, buy some cilantro as well.

  29. They look wonderful! I make a similar recipe but use egg roll wrappers and roll in shape of egg roll instead. I also use sweet chili sauce instead of ketchup…but the ketchup version would be great for the kids. Very addictive indeed!

  30. Hey, MrsHBT, yesterday evening, for an appetizer, I took your idea and served pancooked (no oil, just sprinkled with salt & pepper) prawns with avocado and mayonnaise on wasabe chips. They looked pretty spread out on a platter because of the orange, green, yellow and cream colours for each tidy mouthful. Thanks for the idea!

    Hope and pray your house remodelling gets done well on time for your parents’ visit, MrsHBT. You’ll enjoy cooking for them and their loving chit-chat.

  31. That really does look fantastic! Such a great idea and so simple as well! hehe – and I love that Iron Chef show!

  32. Dear SteamyKitchen,
    You mentioned that you make a similar recipe but using egg roll wrappers, with sweet chili sauce. That is a good idea. That could be a meal in itself since it is much larger than using the wonton wrapper. I think using sweet chili sauce will work well too because I have used sweet chili sauce when I wrap my Poh Piah.

    Dear Argus,
    I think you are very innovative. Restaurants should hire you as a consultant to come up with low-fat, delicious, nutritious appetizers. I love avocado so your appetizer certainly gets high marks from me.

    I think we see light at the end of the tunnel for our house remodeling. Painters came by to power wash our house this week. They should start caulking and painting by the end of next week. I look forward to my parents’ visit. Little Chicken is at the age of potty training. I am hoping Mom can help me out. Dad can also help me out with the older kids while I cook or do housework. 

    Dear wokandspoon,
    This shrimp and mango appetizer does look fantastic, great idea and most of all, simple to make. I have to give the credit to the church’s sister who shared this recipe with me.

    We have two Iron Chefs versions here, the Japanese and the American. I like both.

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