I Am 2 Years Old Today!

Habb Biday to me
Habb Biday to me




Exactly two years ago, I was waiting to be out of my Mommie’s tummy.




When I first left Mommie’s tummy, I saw bright lights and I was a little cold. I can hear people talking but I recognize my Daddy’s voice immediately.



Mommie calls me Little Chicken because I was born in the year of the chicken.



This was me when I was 3 months old. Do you think I look like my Mommie?



Grandpa, grandma and friends said I looked more like Daddy.



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31 responses to “I Am 2 Years Old Today!

  1. She’s even got her little chicken pillow! Hapi bird day chickadee!

  2. Happy Birthday Little Chicken…. wish we cud have send you a birthday cake. We luv the birthday cake of yours. Such a huge Swiss Roll. You look so cute even now at 2years old, both of us can’t imagine how gorgeous you will be when you are at 21years old……

  3. Happy birthday to Little Chicken. May you have many blessed days of joy and happiness.

  4. alice

    Such rosy cheeks! Happy Birthday Little Chicken and may God pour forth his abundant love, peace and joy upon you always.

  5. What a cutie pie! Happy Birthday Little Chicken!

  6. wmw

    You are such a cutie! Happy Birthday Little Chic…You look like Mommy and Daddy!

  7. Happy 2 year old year Little Chicken! You are so cute and I think you look more like your daddy. 🙂

    p/s Love that chicken pillow and chicken outfit, so cute!

  8. Happy birthday Little Chicken! Love your giant Swiss Roll, must be delicious.

  9. peter Chong

    Dear Yixian,
    Happy birthday to you.
    Grandpa and grandma

  10. tina

    Happy birthday, Little Chicken. See you tomorrow!!

  11. Dear Teckiee,
    As Bangkok was your recent shopping paradise, Taiwan was my shopping paradise. The Little Chicken pillow was from Taipei. Due to the Japanese influence, accessories are really cute in Taiwan.

    Big Boys Oven,
    The Swiss Roll does look big on photo, doesn’t it? It was sliced into exactly 5 pieces because I gave 3 pieces to a good friend who babysat the children while I baked the cake. Time flies, it seemed like yesterday that I was on the surgical table waiting to have the doctors to cut open my stomach. I guess before long, Little Chicken will turn 21 years old. I pray that she will have inner beauty as well as outer “gorgeous”.

    Dear Judy,
    “May you have many blessed days of joy and happiness.” Thank you. I was looking at the photo slides of your son Gareth and I thought, wow, I can’t imagine in a few more years, my daughter will be as tall as me (perhaps, even taller) and attending college, like your son.

    Dear Alice,
    “…may God pour forth his abundant love, peace and joy…”
    Thank you. In a few more years, Little Chicken will be as tall as Kenji. May Little Chicken continue to bear fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    Dear Eastmeetswestkitchen,
    Thank you. Your twin daughters are double cutie pies!

    Dear WMW,
    Little Chicken does look like both of us but perhaps more of her Daddy than me. My husband used to joke that our children’s looks can take after me but must take after his brains. Jokes aside, we are simply thankful that all our children are healthy, perfect babies.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    You think Little Chicken look more like Daddy? Yeah, she has Daddy’s eyes, nose and lips. My husband has a split nail on one of his toes and he is proud to say that her daughter also has that trait. Once in a while, I see him, holding Little Chicken’s feet and admiring the split nail!

    p/s The chicken pillow is from Taiwan and the chicken outfit is from Gymboree (my favorite kid’s clothing store).

    Dear Priscilla,
    Thanks for the birthday wish. The Coffee Swiss Roll was delicious. I think there is absolute truth in the saying, “practice makes perfect”. The cake did shrink a little because I over beat the egg whites but that did not affect the taste at all.

    Dearest Pa,

    Dear Tina,
    See you at church tomorrow. Hope your back is doing better now. 🙂

  12. Oooh she’s soooo adorable!!!! Happy Birthday. 🙂

  13. happy Birthday to you….may you grow up to be an obedient daughter

  14. Happy Birthday to Little Chicken 😀
    What a happy family.

  15. Kenny Mah

    Happy 2nd birthday, Little Chicken!

    May you grow fairer every day, but not be too taken by your own beauty,
    May you grow stronger every year, but not forget to help the weak;
    May you find the love of your life, but not forget your Mommy & Daddy,
    May your feathers let you fly, and songs soar from your little beak!


  16. Ooops, Happy Belated Birthday to your Little Chicken!

    I think she looks like both of you.

  17. MrsHBT, I was ‘missing in action’ in Verona, Italy, for a couple of days.
    Happy belated birthday to Little Chicken and may all her days be bright and happy; may she grow in enjoyment and discernment and have love and respect for her parents, God and nature.

  18. Happy belated birthday to little chicken! hmm…maybe not little anymore.. coz you just turn 2 🙂

  19. such rosy cheeks!..feel like giving them a little pinch..happy belated birthday!

  20. Dear Lyrical Lemongrass,
    I would have to agree with your assessment; Little Chicken is “soooo adorable”. There are nights that I find myself cuddling her like she is my teddy bear.

    Dear Flona,
    Welcome to my blog. Yes, I hope that she will grow up to be an obedient daughter as well. For now, I will shower her with love, a love that she will always remember in her heart.

    Dear Tigerfish,
    Thank you. The good thing about blogging is I can choose the photos I would like to post. 😉 I always post happy photos because it’s my dream to have a happy family.

    It is so nice of you to drop by my blog and leaving me and Little Chicken such a beautiful poem, every word is precious, powerful and meaningful. I tried to write a poem in return but found it a little tough. You have a way with words and it is a gift.

    You think Little Chicken looks like both of us? In the two photos that I selected, she certainly does. It is good that both my husband and my genes blend well and form such beautiful children…

    Dear Argus,
    Hope you had a good time in Verona, Italy. One day, when Little Chicken is older, we will travel to Europe. Thanks for the birthday wishes. You too, like Kenny, have the gift of writing.

    Dear Cocoa,
    Isn’t it amazing that she is not that little anymore? I was browsing through her photos from birth and it is amazing how she has grown.

    Ooh, I just realized that Little Chicken’s cheeks are really “red”. Alice mentioned that in her comments as well. I had almost forgotten why her cheeks are so rosy. She was born with extreme eczema problem on her face. She is all better now but it was an ordeal a year and half ago when we had to battle with her facial skin problem. I don’t think you would want to pinch her face then, because her skin was a little “raw”!

  21. Fay

    Happy Belated Birthday, Little Chicken!! I pray that you will 1)have a place in God’s kingdom (salvation), 2) be an asset to His kingdom (have Christlike character), and 3) help further His kingdom (serve God and His people). Above all, I pray you will follow Christ all the days of your life, and that He will be first in your life always.

    Congratulations, Lee Ping for being mommy to all three of your daughters. Each (of your childrens’) birthday calls for a celebration of your mommyhood too! Wishing you many more years of joy on this journey.

  22. little chicken is so cute! She looks like both of you. Maybe because you and your hubby look a bit alike too. That’s why they called “fu qi xiang!”

  23. Dear Fay,
    Thanks for all the beautiful words you wrote for Little Chicken and myself.
    “I pray that you will 1)have a place in God’s kingdom (salvation), 2) be an asset to His kingdom (have Christlike character), and 3) help further His kingdom (serve God and His people). Above all, I pray you will follow Christ all the days of your life, and that He will be first in your life always.”

    What you are saying is true. Each of my children’s birthday calls for a celebration of my mommyhood as well. That is why on their birthday, I always make the cake that I would enjoy eating. 🙂

    Dear Mandy,
    Little Chicken is indeed, very cute. We all love her very much. We were at Costco this afternoon and she bent her body around her waist ever so slightly to watch a bird. The “ang mohs” who were passing by, made remarks that she is so cute. She gets compliments like that everywhere we go. I feel like a celebrity’s Mom.

    You are right about the “fu qi xiang”. My husband and I have been married for 14 years, our characters and (perhaps) facial features have converged over the years.

  24. mei

    Happy Belated Birthday to Little Chicken. May her growing up years be filled with joy and be surrounded by God’s love always.

    So adorably cute! I want to pinch her cheeks!

  25. Dear Mei,
    Thank you. I pray that I can continue to provide her with an environment for her to experience joy and God’s love.

    You want to pinch Little Chicken’s cheeks as well? Maybe a virtual pinch because her face may disfigure from too many pinching lar.

    p/s Moms will never ceased to worry for our kids, no matter how old they are. I just dropped by your daughter’s blog. Vern is doing well. She is working out in the gym with some girlfriends. Her dorm room looks comfortable as well. I love the beautiful bright colors.

  26. Happy belated birthday wish to little chicken. Didn’t online for some times… sorry for the late wishes… God bless you and your family!

  27. Dear Beckysmum,

    Thank you for the belated birthday wish to Little Chicken. Anne must be celebrating her birthday already right? I remember our Little Chicken is about the same age as Anne.

    God bless you and your family as well. I frequently drop by your blog but noticed that you haven’t been posting much. Hope every thing is going well for you and Loong.

  28. That was such a sweet post and I love the photos! Happy Belated Birthday to Little Chicken!

  29. Dear wokandspoon,
    Thanks for reading the articles that I post, even the older ones. Life is short, I try to post sweet articles, articles that can make others smile. Glad that you like the photos. We went on a short trip yesterday and took many photos. So, I will be posting more photos in the coming days.

  30. Kenny Mah

    I like your last comment to wokandspoon. We do lead brief lives, and rather than fill it with complaints and grief, like so many around us already do, let’s all fill it with light and joy instead. It may not be “cool” but it sure feels right.

    And let’s not forget cute photos too! 😀

  31. Kenny,
    I spend more time answering comments than writing my own articles. I treat every person who takes the time to leave me a comment as my guest visiting my home. My daughters’ friends like to visit our house because they always have fun and always have goodie bag to take home.

    I do have complaints and grief because I am not perfect but going to church and blogging helps. When I see my closest friends battling with cancer or having autistic children, my problems do not seem so big after all.

    I love posting photos because they are universal language. Even babies can “read” photos. 🙂

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