I have been tagged by two blogger friends, Julie Yee and Little Corner of Mine.

Julie Yee wanted to know which would I prefer being, a Working Mom or a Stay-Home Mom? Although I enjoy dressing up in suits and heels, giving directions, problem solve, and having coffee breaks, I enjoy being home in my pajamas with my children as well.

Whether it is a Working Mom or a Stay-Home Mom, they are both hard jobs. I like to compare it with my iron wok. Since my wok is made out of iron, it constantly requires care. After each wash, I have to remember to dry it and protect it with a thin layer of oil to prevent it from rusting. Both my husband and children are like my wok, constantly needing my love whether I am a working or a stay-home Mom.

Little Corner of Mine, my all-time favorite foods are the same as yours, Nasi Lemak and Penang Assam Laksa. I remember driving 5 hours to Houston from Dallas, when we were still living in Texas, just to eat these two dishes.

Ladies, thanks for the tag!

My next article will be related to the following types of eggs. Can you guess which animal these eggs are from?



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  1. Quail on the left, Mrs HBT, but what is the orange thing on the right?!

  2. Quail eggs on left and fish roe on right?

  3. Dear Argus,

    You are right about the Quail egg. And the orange “thing” is Masago, it is frequently substituted for Tobiko due to its similar appearance and flavor.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,

    You are right! 🙂

  4. alice

    Take care, Lee Ping. Rest is the best way to get better fast. Iron wok? Must be heavy like our task. Masago eggs?Supermarkets near my place sells tobiko, shishamo eggs, kazunoko and ikura but not masago yet. Looks like tobiko to me.

  5. Dear Alice,

    Thanks for coming by. I have been sleeping 12 hours a day for the past few days and the rest really help the healing process. Stomach flu is no fun at all. My husband said it could be from our recent trip to U-Pick farms. We were eating Berries directly without washing the fruits first.

    I love using my wok as an analogy. You are right, iron wok can be heavy, like our job as Moms or Wives. It is especially heavy when one or more family member is ill. 🙂

    Wikipedia says Masago is often substituted for Tobiko because of its appearance and flavor.

  6. Nice to see you’re back! And I like the wok analogy 😉

  7. Glad you are feeling better! We moms can’t afford to be sick…. can’t wait to see what you are going to do with quail eggs and masago! 🙂

  8. wmw

    Glad that you are in the pink of health again….! Moms are Superwomen!

  9. That was a great analogy!! I like doing both. I work part time and I’m home with the kids part time. Its nice I can get away for a bit of time and not have to talk about trains, cars or cartoons!

  10. Oh, you’ve been sick. Was wondering why you weren’t updating. Hope you are much better now.

    Quail eggs and fish roe.

    Yummy! Don’t know how to distinguish between the fish row though, but like their color and their presence in sushi!

  11. Hope you are feeling better and get well asap! 🙂

  12. Kenny Mah

    My dear, I really like how you compare taking care of your wok with caring for your family. I realise that sometimes, with the constraints of Life and Work, I may neglect to put it in that extra bit of daily TLC (tender loving care) for my loved ones.

    Sometimes it’s easy to take them for granted. If I ever find myself doing that, now all I need to do is recall your wok example! 🙂

  13. Like you say, MrsHBT, both jobs are tough. And as long as it is done with love, care and pride, all else falls into place. The important thing is that most of us have a choice – to do one or the other or even both, as Jaden does.

    Here’s a thought and a prayer for all those other women, especially in developing or underdeveloped countries, who don’t have a choice, who have to work because they are living hand-to-mouth or are forced to stay at home because of tradition or cultural pressure.

  14. Dear WokandSpoon,
    Good to know that I am welcomed back and glad that you liked my wok analogy. 🙂

    Dear EastMeetsWestKitchen,
    You are right; Moms cannot afford to be sick. 🙂

    Dear WMW,
    You said, “Glad that you are in the pink of health again…!”
    I would like to get to “hot pink” of health if possible.

    Dear Steamy Kitchen,
    Thanks, I thought it was a great analogy as well. I don’t have many chances to get away these days, so I look forward to 6:30 every evening for my husband to relieve me from Mommie duties temporarily.

    Thanks, I am much better now. Like yourself, I also like the presence of fish roe in sushi.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    Thank you and thanks again for the favorite foods tag. Actually, I tried cooking Penang Assam Laksa when I was still sick because I had lost all my appetite for food. The Laksa soup definitely stimulated my tastes bud. 🙂

    Blood is thicker than water so, season your “wok” regularly. 🙂

    Dear Argus,
    I did not have enough energy to write out all my thoughts when I first posted the article. Thanks for completing my article. I am blessed that I can have the luxury of staying home to play with my kids.

    Dear Suganya,
    I will include 7 random facts about myself in my next food article related to quail and fish eggs.

  15. Your connection to an iron wok is so creative and true. By the way, for those food lovers, remember quail eggs have the highest cholesterol content. So go on moderation if its your favorite. I found out a bit too late.

  16. Dear Julie,

    Thank you for agreeing and praising my wok analogy. Also, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be creative. Stay-home or Working Mom tag was certainly fun to write.

    Those tiny quail eggs have the highest cholesterol? I should definitely keep that in mind and follow your advice to eat in moderation. My husband has high cholesterol problem but he loves quail egg.

  17. Elena

    Hi Mrshbt,

    I don’t remember how I came to your blog (probably searching some recipe) and I ended up spending an hour reading most of your posts! I am a stay-at-home mum with a 15-month old toddler. Your wok analogy is really true. I have been encouraged to become a stay-at-home mum by some friends and family members. There are days that I doubt if I’ve made the right decision….since I never enjoyed doing housework, babysitting and cooking. But I know that in 18 or 20 years later, I will cherish the moment that she and I have had been together.

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