Oregon’s Lost Lake and Lavender Farm

Oregon’s Lost Lake
This is a must see if you live in Portland. It is about 1 1/2 hour from Portland, half hour drive from the Hood River. The view of Mt. Hood from this Lake is breathtaking. There are picnic tables with clear view of the mountain, trees and lake.

We walked on one of their hiking trails and it wasn’t too difficult. On our hike, we saw a tree trunk with holes made perhaps by Woodpeckers (see bottom right photo)?

My husband rented a row boat for $12 an hour and the kids had a great time rowing the boat.

Oregon’s Lavender Farm

We stopped by a Lavender Farm on our way back from the Lost Lake. Lavender Valley is a family operated farm. Click here for their schedule and events. The little boy in the photo is the owner’s 5 year old son, Jon.

Little Dragon and Little Chicken had tons of fun running around the Lavender Farm. I had a good time shopping in their gift shop. I bought a pack of Lavender Tea bags and Lavender Honey.

Did you know? Lavender

  • is in the family of Mint.
  • is used in the treatment for skin burns.
  • is used as an aid to sleep and relaxation.
  • was used in hospitals during WWI to disinfect floors, etc. because it has antiseptic properties.


We ate dinner at one of the Char Burger Restaurant in Oregon. I was busy shopping at their gift shop that food was halved consumed before I had a chance to snap some photos. The Texas BBQ Beef Burger came with Fries and Onion Rings. The onion rings were one of the best that I have had in a long time. It was crispy and not too oily with juicy sweet Onions on the inside.

Click here for other link to Lost Lake and Lavender Farm.


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48 responses to “Oregon’s Lost Lake and Lavender Farm

  1. i never got hold of rowing a boat..ur kids must be naturals.. what happened to the pictures of the food?

  2. You’ve got a scenic shot of Mt Hood. Look like the weather was PERFECT! I would love to visit a lavender farm 🙂

  3. alice

    Kenji would definitely love this place. He loves canoeing and boating. A bored to tears vacation for him this summer esp. during the week days.

  4. I like lavender.

    You mean to say it’s edible?

  5. LotsofCravings,
    I went on a motorboat once and a paddle boat but like you, I never row a boat either. My husband did most of the rowing. I think my daughters just played around with the paddles.

    The food was half-consumed before I had a chance to take a photo of it. I don’t blame them because they needed food to replenish their lost energy from rowing. 

    Dear Tigerfish,
    I have to thank my smart husband for checking the weather before we went on our short trip. He made sure that it wasn’t too cloudy so that we can get a clear view of Mt. Hood. You would have loved the Hood River. There were U-Pick farms and fruit stands along the way from Hood River to the Lost Lake. Is there a Lavender Farm in California where you are?

    Dear Alice,
    This week, due to home remodeling, my kids stayed home with me, some of the time, during the weekday and they were, like Kenji, bored. I have signed them up for summer camp next week.

    You asked if Lavender is edible. I Googled and found that it is indeed edible. “It is usually the English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) buds that are used in cooking.”

    For more information, check out this link. http://whatscookingamerica.net/Lavender.htm

    p/s Dear Alice and Jonzz,
    Thanks for alerting me about the chain email that I sent out. I have sent out an apology email, as well as recalling it back.

  6. Hello mrshbt, came over from Julie’s blog. Hope you don’t mind me peeking – nice blog you have here. 🙂

  7. Dear Vern,

    Welcome to my blog. Of course, I don’t mind you peeking.

    You mentioned that you came over from Julie’s blog. Julie writes for Star and she lives in Klang, my hometown.

  8. I wish I have a change to row a boat, but I can’t swim!!! Duh~~
    The Lavender valley looks so nice!!

  9. I remember running…no, walking :-P…through fields of lavender on one of my holidays in New Zealand. What a lovely feeling….I love the aroma too.

  10. wmw

    Looks like so much fun! Happy “wall”….love it!

  11. mrshbt:
    Did you received my lavender white chocolate mousse cake recipe?.

  12. mrshbt:
    Great to know that you had visited the lavender farm. The first thing that got into my mind when you mentioned about lavender tea and lavender honey was lavender white chocolate mousse cake.


    Prepare a 6-inch cake ring
    Prepare a digestive biscuit cake base.

  13. Ingredients (6inch round cake):

    Cake Base
    Crushed Digestive Biscuits – 60g
    Melted Unsalted Butter – 30g

    Lavender Mousse
    Lavender Leaves – 10g
    Creme Anglaise – Milk – 130g
    Egg Yolk – 60g
    Granulated Sugar – 10g

  14. Whipping Cream – 160g
    White Chocolate Buttons – 110g
    Gelatin Leaf – 3 envelops

    To Decorate
    White Chocolate Buttons – 40g
    Lavender Leaves – as appropriate

    Steps & Process
    1. Heat milk with microwave soak lavender leaves in it for about 5 minutes. Strain. Discard the lavender leaves.

  15. 2. Prepare lavender creme anglaise – Beat egg yolk with hand whisk. Add in granulated sugar gradually. – Beat until pale yellow and stiff. – Heat milk. Then, pour boiling milk into the egg yolk mixture and stir well. – Reheat the mixture again to 82C – 85C, stir constantly to prevent it from sticking to the saucepan.

    3. Remove the mixture from the heater. Melt soften gelatin in the creme anglaise and stir well. Let cool and leave for later use.

    4. Melt white chocolate buttons by setting over a bowl of simmering water. Pour it into the creme anglaise and fold well with a rubber spatula. Leave for later use.

    5. Whisk whipping cream with electric mixer at medium speed until soft peak form.

  16. 6. Fold whipped cream into the creme anglaise mixture and gently fold well.

    7. Pour the mixture into the cake ring and refridgerate for 1.5hours.

    8. Grip the lavender leaves on top of the cake with a pincer and decorate with white chocolate ornaments lastly.

    You can view the cake at:

    Happy Baking! Sunny Yaw of Big Boys Oven

  17. The pictures makes me want to go to the mountains too! Love lavender and the kids look so happy. I see you captured the porta potty too! 🙂

  18. Dear Beckysmum,
    You wish that you have a chance to row a boat but you are afraid that you can’t swim? Actually, you brought up a very good point. We were taking a big risk. My girls cannot swim either and my husband is not a certified life guard. Although they were on life jackets, it is still very dangerous.

    The Lavender Valley farm was nice indeed. In the photo, you can see Little Chicken (will be 2 years old on July 20) and Little Dragon (6 years old) running around, in between the Lavenders.

    Dear Lyrical Lemongrass,
    You too ran across a Lavender field on one of your holidays in New Zealand? We did not visit a Lavender Farm when we were in NZ. However, it makes sense that they too, have Lavender Farms because their temperature is similar to Oregon’s.

    I love Lavender aroma as well. My luggage from my last trip back from Australia (NZ’s sister country) was filled with boxes of Lavender Kleenex!

    Dear WMW,
    It was fun, we all enjoyed ourselves. I like your description of our photos, “happy wall”.

    Wow, I was pleasantly surprised this morning. First, you dedicated a cake for me, and now you filled my comments section with recipe for Lavender White Chocolate Mousse Cake. You boys are so sweet!

    p/s the jambakery link you provided was too busy when I tried to access it earlier.

    Dear V,
    You noticed the Porta Potty! I captured it because it is colored in the same color as the Lavender. Colorado must have beautiful sites to see mountains, without actually climbing the mountains…. Your twins would love the outdoors. Hope it is not too hot in Colorado already.

  19. Looks like you had a great time with your family! I love the photo collage!

  20. Oh how nice. Love the lavender farm, so pretty in purple! Oh btw, just curious, is that lady in the picture you but with the long hair version? 😉

  21. Dear WokandSpoon,

    I love the photo collage as well.

    I wished that I had started blogging (my online scrapbook) earlier. My children enjoy looking at their own photos and read what Mommie wrote in the article.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,

    I love Lavender farm as well. Not only it is soothing to the eyes, but it is also soothing to the nose.

    You are right; the lady on the left, middle row, posing with Little Tiger and Little Dragon is me. During the last few weeks before delivering my 3rd child, I “shaved” my head. I cut my hair real short because I wanted to NOT wash my hair during my confinement period. Of course, that did not happen. My hair got washed the 3rd day after the Cesarian operation. Sometimes I wonder if I did not wash my hair, will I still have headaches. So, after 2 years, my hair grew to the length that you see now.

    If you click on the photo, it will be enlarged. You will notice that I have braces on my teeth. After 36 years of crooked teeth, I finally decided to be brave and try braces. It has been a good experience so far.

  22. Dear lee ping, I came over straight away to see your post on lavender – it’s so beautiful and purple and is that Mt Hood in the background? Lovely! The mint family is very big, it includes most of the culinary herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano, and perilla. I will do a post on the different kinds of lavender essential oil available soon – it is on my to do list already! All the facts on wiki are true but lavender is also very good for headaches – you can put a few undiluted drops of lavender on the back of the neck for a tension headache. Migraines are a bit different, but it might help to have lavender and peppermint if the person is not smell-sensitive during a migrain attack. I can go on for a long time, but thanks for introducing one of my favourite subjects, of course! Looks like you all had a wonderful family day out!

  23. Dear Msiagirl,

    I knew you would enjoy reading this article. Thanks for the additional information on Lavender. Many people battle with headaches, myself included. So, your advice on putting a few drops of Lavender essential oil (undiluted) on the back of the neck for a tension headache certainly will benefit my readers as well as myself.

    I did not know that culinary herbs like Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Savory, Marjoram, Oregano, and Perilla are in the mint family. However, I do know that mint plants are very hearty. It is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Be careful because mint tend to spread like crazy, and can take over your entire garden. It’s the perfect plant for beginners to start out with, since it’s so easy to grow, thrives in all kinds of conditions and will return year after year. The pretty leaves and fresh scent of mint will be a lovely addition to your garden. Lavender is also a hearty plant but I don’t think it spreads like mint.

    Yes, I think it is Mt.Hood in the background of the Lavender Valley farm photo.

    I look forward to reading your article on Lavender essential oils. No pressure, just post it when you have time. 🙂

  24. Very nice pics! I love the one with Mt Hood in the back. Will have to try to make a trip there. We also went to a lavender farm last mth but it was too early in the season, so there was not much to see.

  25. Rebecca Wang

    Dear Lee Ping:
    I love this Lavender Valley. Thank you for sharing the photos. They are beautiful. I think we would go this summer.
    By the way, I finally have a chance to visit your blog
    again in months. (Guilty! I just need to learn to find time to do things I like.) H and I kept on reading your blog! How beautiful that our God is always in your heart. It is quite a joy to read your blog.

  26. Dear Blur Mommy,

    I just dropped by your blog and saw the Lavender Farm that you visited. July is the perfect time to visit a Lavender farm. I think in August, the Lavenders will be harvested.

    Dear sister Rebecca,
    If you go to Lavender Valley, do it before August. The Lavenders will be harvested in August. The owner’s wife is a nice lady from Taiwan. My husband said that the owner used to be a Chief Pilot for Eva Airlines. If you go Lavender Valley, feel free to chat with them. They are very friendly. My husband just walked in. He told me that the owner said the he had piloted airplane for the former President of Taiwan.

    I am so happy to know that both you and H are reading my blog. I believe that if I keep God close to my heart or better yet, live in me, I will keep producing articles that will benefit my readers. I know that you have been busy with your own children, and your services at church. William and I cooked a couple of weeks ago for Sunday’s “love feast”. After our shopping and cooking experience, we truly appreciate the love that all the brothers and sisters had put in every Sunday. I will never take for granted for the clean bathrooms and the food that we consumed. I think it is God’s love that supports all the selfless services at church.

    Your comment means a lot to me and your testimony is the root of my faith. Thank you.

  27. You guys look SO happy! What a wonderful trip.

  28. Lee Ping, I didn’t know lavender is a family of mint? Interesting.
    Over here, in Kent, it is a big thing now. Cooking all sorts of things with lavender. I am sure lavender and something else cordial will appear on the supermarket shelf. Mmmm….perhaps not.
    I am hooked on elderflower cordial and none of my friends from Aust know what it is.

  29. Hi Lee Ping,

    You got tagged! Visit my blog for more info.

    You know, with my 1st, I washed my hair at 3 weeks post-partum and I developed headache that lasted for 10 months. So, with my 2nd, I vowed not to wash my hair for the whole month. For the love of me, I couldn’t remember whether I really waited for the whole month since I remembered my hubby complained that I stink, but I think I waited til almost a month, like a day before and I took my bath with boiled gingers and lemongrass water and viola, no headache for this one. So, who knows?

  30. What a lovely happy family! MrsHBT, you’re very blessed to have daughters who can row the boat for you. The pictures of your family, the mountain and lavender fields are beautiful beyond words.

  31. Dear Steamy Kitchen,

    The good thing about living in the Northwest (especially during the summer) is we can have short trips to different attractions or fun activities each weekend. It would have been a perfect trip if I could do a little bit more shopping. 😉 I am always on the lookout for unique platters to display my food.

    Dear Judy,
    I only found out that Lavender is a family of mint from reading the Wikipedia. So, Lavender is a big thing in Kent (UK?)

    You mentioned that you are hooked on Elderflower Cordial. I looked up Elderflower Cordial in Wikipedia. The Elderflower soft drink is made out of Elderberry flower. I read from Wikipedia, that Elderberry is best not eaten raw because it is mildly poisonous. Also, “Both flowers and berries can be made into Elderberry wine, and in Hungary an Elderberry Brandy is produced (requiring 50 kg of fruit to produce 1 litre of Brandy). The alcoholic drink Sambuca is made by infusing elderberries and anise into alcohol.”

    Thanks for introducing me to Elderflower.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,

    Thanks for the tag. I think KopiSoh tagged me on favorite foods before and here’s the link. However, I don’t mind doing another one. For now, I crave for the Assam Laksa that you just posted on your blog. The spicy and sour from that dish will definitely stimulate my taste buds and lost of appetite from the heat. 🙂

    Bathing with boiled Ginger and Lemongrass? That is a luxurious bath. Well worth the trouble and money since you don’t have headaches anymore. Hymm, if I draw up a bath now with boiled Ginger and Lemongrass, will it cure my monthly headaches? I think not. I think I have to wait until my next child.

    Dear Argus,

    My daughters were just rowing for fun. My husband did most of the rowing. 🙂

    You said, “The pictures of your family, the mountain and lavender fields are beautiful beyond words.” I think so too. You know, my favorite photo is my baby (Little Chicken) running across the Lavender field.

    p/s Your Cranberry and Hazelnut muffins looks good, very moist.

  32. Gosh.. must be nice rolling around and breathing in all that fresh lavender air. So nice to have road trips with the family… my parents dont take me and my siblings out that much when we were young.

  33. Dearest Teckiee,
    I agree, it was nice breathing in all that fresh lavender air. And the kids surely had fun running around the fields. I think staying in Oregon makes short road trips possible. Beach (Sauvie Island) is only 30 minutes away and there are hiking trails every few minutes where we live.

    When we were younger, my parents took us out on road trips when Dad had work related trips or when we have long holidays. For the 17 years that I lived in Malaysia, I remember our trips to Fraser’s Hill, Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, Kuantan beach and Kuala Terengganu. It was hard to travel with 5 little children. Sometimes, Mom would even squeeze Grandma and one more cousin into our tiny little Volkswagon. I remember once, my Mom’s leg got burned because the hot water had poured over her leg in the car. There is scar from that burn to this day. So, I am sure that there is a reason why your parents did not take you and your siblings out that much when you were younger. 🙂

  34. I guess you will have to wait til the next one then. Just make sure you eat all the ginger, sesame oil, confinement food and drink DOM. Don’t catch cold and don’t take bath or wash your hair for the whole month.

    Here’s the money saving option: Peel away all the ginger skin while cooking your ginger confinement food, then air-dry the ginger skin, freeze it and save for your bath later. I managed to save a lot of ginger skin this way and the bath was sure a fragrant one.

  35. Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    Speaking of confinement food, you have a good selection of recipes complete with photos. I can eat confinement food and drink DOM anytime (even when I am not pregnant), in moderation of course, otherwise it may be a little too “heaty”. 😉 Thanks for all your tips.

  36. I enjoy reading the many things you wrote particularly lavender, food and showing great places I haven’t been. I tried to look for blogspot to download my pictures as you suggested but still failed. Will try again later.

  37. Dear Julie,

    I am glad to know that you enjoy my article.

    I just left you a link on your blog for uploading photos to blogspot. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  38. The snow dusted mountain in the background of the lake scenes reminds me of mountains in Switzerland. 🙂
    Thanks for having a look at my filled cranberry muffins, MrsHBT.

  39. you guys are having so much fun…. i wish i live close by 🙂
    I love lavender, trying to grow them since last year but has no luck ;(

  40. Dear Argus,

    Yeah, Switzerland is known for their snow-dusted mountains. Those thick powders must be great for skiing. When we have a little snowfall during the winter time, we stay home. However, my neighbor who is a German from Switzerland is not afraid of the snow at all.

    Your Cranberry muffins has certainly turned “hot” with discussions amongst you girls. I am glad that you met LL and Wonda. They are so much fun, aren’t they?

    Dear Cocoa,
    You said that you wish you live close by? Yeah, I think Oregon is a great place to live in, especially in the summer time. With very little driving, we can enjoy untainted nature at its best.

    You tried to grow Lavender last year but have no luck? When it comes to growing plants or flowers, try looking at your neighbors’ yards first. If they have thriving Lavenders in their yard, that means the weather and soil is suitable for Lavender where you are.

    The Lavender in my yard is virtually carefree. My husband sets an automatic sprinkler that comes on when needed. When my parents are here, I may go and harvest it. The house smells so fragrant with bunches of Lavender around.

  41. I have not been to Oregon but just pass by. I heard that it’s nice place to live and they are famous with the salmon farm too..
    I don’t think lavender is suitable for my area. Hardly see anyone has it in their yard. i try to grow them in a pot but failed. Maybe i should switch my attention to Mint hee.. Try to grow some cilantro too ( in a pot), and so far so good.. but i don’t think they will last long 😦

  42. Dear Cocoa,

    You mentioned you heard that Oregon is famous for Salmon farm. You heard right! My husband brought the girls to Bonneville Dam a couple weeks ago. This dam features fish ladders to help native Salmons and Steelheads get past the dam on their journey upstream to spawn. The girls had fun watching the fishes jump up the fish ladder. If you ever want to plan a trip out to Oregon, unless you are into skiing, summer months are the best. Winter here is cold and wet like in Seattle.

    4 miles upriver from the Bonneville Dam is the Bridge of the Gods. We have been there and the view from the bridge is awesome.

    I like to grow my own Cilantro because cut Cilantro does not keep very long in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb, the Cilantro that I grew in my pot a couple of months ago is flowering now instead of growing more leaves. I have water it diligently and kept the soil moist.

  43. MrsHBT, why would you and your family be afraid of the snow? Do you mean it’s messy and slippery sometimes, depending on the temperature? The Swiss here love the cold – they even swim in the ‘brrrr’ lake in spring. I can only dip one toe in for a few seconds. 😉

    Yes, LL and Wonda are a lot of fun. Thanks for ‘introducing’ me to them. ^_^

  44. Dear Argus,

    Yes. We are afraid that it is messy and slippery depending on the temperature. Black ice is especially dangerous for walking or driving.

    Swim in the ‘brrrr’ lake in Spring? Wow, I would love to see photos of that….

  45. Wow… I would love to visit the Lost Lake and the Lavender Farm one day! Great pix! 🙂

  46. Dear CrazyMommy,

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Our family was recovering from stomach flu and I did not have a chance to reply to your comment earlier.

    If you ever come to Portland in July, include Lost Lake and Lavender Farm as part of your itinerary. I am glad that you like the photos I posted.

  47. lee ping, lost lake is one of my favorite places to visit when it’s not snowing around there 🙂 though we haven’t been there for a long time. the last time i was there, i snowshoed with my hubby, too much! LOL…
    i love to visit that lavender farm next time, hopefully next year if i’m not too busy bombarded by my relatives 😀

  48. Dear Eliza,
    After I posted the article on Lost Lake, my husband’s colleague drove there to check it out with his wife. According to my husband, they loved it as much as we did. So, this afternoon, he requested me to post an article on our recent short trip. I have written the article and it is posted in “Places to visit”. This page will be a centralized location for all our short trips around Oregon as well as our vacations. Our next vacation is Alaska Cruise.

    When there’s snow, we usually stay home because we are not used to drive in the snow yet. So, you “snowshoed” with your hubby the last time you were in Lost Lake? It must have been very cold.

    Before you plan your trip to Lavender Farm next year, check out their schedule. The owner told me they harvest their Lavenders in August. A good time to go probably is either June or July.

    p/s Thanks for coming by. I know you must be busy, if your relatives are still here.

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