BBQ Ribs – The Secrets Unveiled

Guests kept asking me for recipe for my BBQ Ribs when I made it for potluck at a friend’s home.

Last month, I made BBQ ribs again to go with Lobster when we had guests over. Thank God I made BBQ ribs because it turned out that one of our guest was allergic to seafood.

A bottle of Muscat wine goes perfectly with the BBQ Ribs.

Are you ready?

Here’s my secret.

The following only takes 10 minutes total to reheat, 5 minutes on each side under the broiler. I keep a couple in my freezer and it is convenient when I have unexpected guests or if I am pressed for time. I buy the BBQ Pork Ribs at the Honey Baked Ham store in Beaverton, next to Trader Joe’s. They also have online store.


If you have time to make your own BBQ ribs, head on over to Little Corner of Mine. Her BBQ ribs look great. I am tempted to try the recipe out myself.



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21 responses to “BBQ Ribs – The Secrets Unveiled

  1. LOL, packaged barbeque ribs. Well, shouldn’t be surprised. They package everything these days.

  2. alice

    LOL!! First I drooled at the pix, then I scrolled down to look for the recipe. Haha! I just grilled some porkribs for dinner yesterday. The meat was a bit tough.

  3. V

    LOL! You are giving away the easiest secret for moms on days when we don’t feel like cooking! 🙂

  4. Hehe! That’s a great secret! you shouldn’t have given it away 😉

  5. haha.. you got us.. My husband love BBQ rib. Gotta show him this 🙂

  6. LOL! You made me laugh! I thought what’s your secret lah. Go over to my comment, I received a great tips from a lady who can make the meat fall off the bone.

  7. hahaha… good one!! I was anticipating ur special recipe. I love the ham at Honeybaked Ham but I didn’t know they made ribs. Will have to check it out.

  8. Tricksy! Mistress HBT is tricksy! (*gollum, gollum*)

    Nice one, Lee Ping. 😉 The problem with barbequed or roasted spare ribs is that they stick between my front teeth. Now I must go to Little Corner of Mine to read how the meat can ‘fall’ off the bone into my open mouth (hope it’s not another neat trick though). ^_^

  9. I’ve got craving for BBQ ribs now….hmmmm…

  10. Jonzz,
    Many years ago, my husband and I brought packaged Beef Rendang home from Malaysia!

    Dear Alice,
    You overcooked or underglazed your pork ribs? Tough meat is healthier because all fat has been drained off.

    Dear V,
    We all have those days, don’t we? It is ironic that we maintain food blog.
    p/s We just had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.

    Dear WokandSpoon,
    Stay tuned, I have more tips and secrets.

    Dear Cocoa,
    My husband can eat a whole rack by himself. It is that good. My kids, including the baby loves this rib as well.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    I am glad that I made you laugh. I read the comment that a lady left you. So, adding a can of beer or soda can make the meat fall of the bone. I faintly remember seeing that on Food Network before.

    Dear BlurMommy,
    The ribs are stored in their freezer section.
    p/s I am in awe that your roti canai turned out so well.

    Dear Argus,
    I thought that was a nice one as well. If they stick between your front teeth, imagine me eating ribs with full braces.

    Dear Tigerfish,
    I just read your article on dumpling. They are as yummy as my BBQ ribs. I don’t think my husband would mind eating some of your dumplings.

  11. Kenny Mah

    Oh, that was very good… you got me going all the way till the end. What a mischievous side of you we are seeing now! 😀

    Really happy to see you exploring the different sides of your personality in your writing here. As always, very engaging and honest.

    Strange that you are posting about BBQ ribs because last Wednesday night, I was invited by a friend to “The Rib Shop” in KL where they served huge ribs slathered with BBQ sauce… even the mash and coleslaw that accompanied them were very good.

    I’m very happy to stumble upon new places like these to eat to my heart’s pleasure, as I’m sure your guests did with your BBQ ribs. 🙂

  12. Kenny,
    I am glad to know you find my articles engaging and honest.

    You are always helping people that come your way, I am not surprised that you were invited by a friend to “The Rib Shop” in KL.

  13. wmw

    Hmmph, should I address you as Mrshbt or by your name? Anyway, great find but not available here in Malaysia (I think?) :o(

  14. Hey, Mrs HBT. Yesterday I marinated a couple of pieces of pork-on-the-bone chops (I couldn’t find spare ribs or back ribs) in enough cola drink plus seasoning.
    This afternoon, I slowbaked the meat covered with foil for 2 hours, basting it in between, and then quick-grilled it for 5 minutes. As usual I made use of the remainder marinade by cooking it briefly with a dash of grappa. Guess what — the oven-roasted pork turned out tender and falling off the bone.
    Thanks to Little Corner of Mine’s tips. 🙂

  15. Dear WMW,
    You can call me either Mrs. HBT or Lee Ping.

    Dear Argus,
    You never ceased to amaze me. Perhaps, I should start making my own BBQ Ribs, use food saver to save the extras and put it in the freezer for days that I don’t have time to cook. It may be cheaper if I make my own.

    Yes, thanks Little Corner of Mine for the cola / beer tips.

    p/s I have always thrown my marinade away, perhaps I should save it and cook it briefly with a dash of “grappa“.

  16. Dear Mrs HBT, naturally it’d be cheaper to make your own — and you’ll know exactly what’s in it. My marinade contained what was at hand: five-spice powder, majoram, parsley, sweet soy sauce, light soy sauce, sea salt, sugar, ground coriander, cayenne pepper, black pepper, plus cola (or beer).
    I don’t really fancy the traditional BBQ flavour favoured by Americans — it’s too heavy.
    Only used grappa coz I was too lazy to take the red wine from the fridge; was a bit worried I might accidentally ‘poison’ myself, but all was well — the gravy had a bit of ‘kick’! 😉

  17. Dear Argus,

    You said, “a bit worried I might accidentally ‘poison’ myself”. Ha, ha!

    Your name, “Argus”, doesn’t sound Asian but you sure cook with Asian spices and condiments.

    p/s I keep my red wine in room temperature and white wine in the refrigerator.

  18. ‘Argus’ is from mythological Hera’s many-eyed pet watchdog monster. It was my beloved late dog’s name. I’m keeping her memory alive by assuming it in the blogosphere. Also, there’s a kind of bird called Great Argus Pheasant, the male of which does a showy dance with its tail fanned out.
    I’m Chinese (Cantonese) Malaysian.

    Your wine keeping is recommended, I suppose. My other half is away overseas so he kept the opened bottle of red wine in the fridge as I’m slightly alcohol-allergic and seldom drink a sip or two.

  19. Dear Argus,

    Thanks for the explanation on the origin for your name.

    Now, I understand you are, indeed, allergic to alcohol. I have a friend who uses XO (expensive liquor) to cook her chicken because she doesn’t drink alcohol. Her chicken sure tastes good.

  20. Xtra Old chicken! Sounds funny but sure tastes good, ya?

  21. Dear Argus,

    Xtra Old (XO), you sure have sense of humor. And yes, it tasted, “out of this world…”

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