Who Was That Man?

Little Tiger and Little Dragon had a great time at the Church’s Summer Camp. Little Tiger shared with me the story of a father who managed a draw-bridge. One day, the father brought his son to his work. His son accidentally fell and the father had to make a decision to save a train full of passengers or his son. This was the story that my two daughters heard at camp this week. The real story is God gave his one and only Son to sacrifice for us, so that we may be saved.

The church sanctuary was filled with little kids. There were at least 1000 people there, babies were crying, parents were whispering, children were chatting. However, when the Pastor spoke to us, there was only silence. Everyone wanted to know, “Who was that Man?” That Man was God’s son, Jesus.


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9 responses to “Who Was That Man?

  1. V

    My kids are too little yet, but summer church camp sounds wonderful for your girls. 🙂

  2. alice

    We have a nursery to take care of babies and younger kids from age 3 to 5 or 6 so that the adults can concentrate on the sermons. So we take turns to do nursery duties. Doesn’t your church have a nursery? Perhaps the church members’ kids are too many in your church.

  3. Dear V,
    This particular American church accepts kids who are as young as 4 years of age. The teachers at the camp were friendly and they showered the kids with love.

    My girls had a great time and they cannot wait to attend the next one.

    Dear Alice,
    This particular sermon was for both adults and children. It was held on a Saturday where kids performed the songs they had learned during the camp for their parents. I was totally amazed at the American pastor. He was able to bring over 1000 people to almost complete silence that we can hear raindrops.

    I am sure they have nursery during their Sunday sermon. We go to a Chinese Church and we have nursery as well. Like your church, the nursery duties is rotated amongst sisters at Church. There is about a handful of toddlers in Little Chicken’s class now.

  4. There are so many huge churches nowadays. 100o people, phew… how to know everybody?

  5. wmw

    Yes, I was “silently” reading too :o)

  6. although i m not a christian, after watching the passion of christ, that was a nice little story indeed..(although it does sound very daunting for a non-christian)

  7. Jonzz,
    My children attended the summer camp at one of the local American churches.
    Our family goes to a Chinese church that has about 300 people. We do not know everybody at church yet.

    Dear WMW,
    Thanks for reading my article.

    I have not watched Passion of Christ yet. It is a movie directed by Mel Gibson, right? The story of Christ is real and it happened over 2000 years ago. The story is documented in the Bible. I hope one day, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Christ and understand why He had to die for us.

  8. Wow, Little Dragon looks as if she is enjoying the camp. My girls are attending a science camp this week and in a couple of weeks, our church will have VBS – Vacation Bible Study. The girls love it and can’t wait for it.

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  9. Dear Sherrie,
    Yes, that is what the camp is called over here as well, VBS. Last year, my girls attended the Pirate theme camp, a year had gone by, they still remember the details. This week, they are at a Mom’s house doing arts and crafts from 10am till 2pm. If Little Chicken takes her nap during that time, I may be able to post my next article. Indeed, summer time is a challenging time to blog. However, my spirits are high.

    p/s I finally figure out what does Sherrie in H.B. stands for. H.B. is Huntington Beach.

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