Fruit Tart with Mascarpone Cheese filling

Little Tiger (9 years old) and Little Dragon (6 years old) have over two months of summer vacation. This week, they are attending the church sponsored Summer Camp, Tuesday through Friday, from 9 in the morning to noon. This afternoon, after camp, I decided to let them “play” in the kitchen.

Fruit Tart with Mascarpone Cheese filling is a fun project for kids to make with adult supervision, of course. Little Tiger piped the filling onto the pre-made tart shell. Little Dragon arranged the blackberry onto the tart.

The filling for this fruit tart is very simple. Using hand mixer, beat half a cup of mascarpone cheese. Add half a cup of heavy whipping cream and sugar (I reduced the amount of sugar to 2 tsp) and beat until soft peaks form.

I used Picasa (free software by Google) to create the above photo pile. These tips will come in handy when you are using Picasa photo pile option.


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20 responses to “Fruit Tart with Mascarpone Cheese filling

  1. Blackberries are so pretty. I keep thinking of blackcurrants when I see blackberries. They are not the same thing, right?

  2. Jonzz,

    No, Blackcurrants and Blackberries are not the same. Malaysians are more familiar with Blackcurrants because it is a major ingredient in Ribena.

    Blackberries is an aggregate fruit composed of small, individual drupes. Blackcurrants, on the other hand, are tiny fruits joined together delicately on a stem called strig. The photos in the Wikipedia link can help you visualize their differences better.

  3. Ooo, more sweet stuff! The tarts look great and your girls are prettier than the tarts 😉

  4. V

    Nice collage of pictures! Now I’m tempted to use Picasa too! And your girls are adorable! I love fruit tarts, and will try letting my kids ‘play’ too! 🙂

  5. Fay

    Yum … sounds like this might be something nice to make for dessert for my mom since the sugar content is low (your reduced sugar option), though it is probably pretty high fat (puff pastry and cheese). What brand puff pastry to you like to use? The only one I’ve used is Pepperidge Farm. Also, I couldn’t tell from the pictures … what pan do you use? Looks like you used individual tart pan/moulds?
    I keep forgetting to mention this …. thank you so much for your Bak Kwa recipe. My dear husband has made it several times now and we love it. He made it for my dad (who is visiting from Singapore) just a couple of days ago and he says it is good enough to be sold!! Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Your pretty girls must have enjoyed the time in the kitchen, making those tarts. Can see from their sweet smiles 😀

  7. Mmm…mascarpone cheese filling tarts, yummy! Your have pretty girls too and I know they had fun time in the kitchen.

  8. Dear WokandSpoon,
    We are very blessed to have beautiful, healthy girls. They are very sweet as well. They made Father’s Day gifts for my husband. After Little Dragon gave her presents to Daddy, she ran to me and whispered in my ears, “but I love you more”.

    Dear V,
    Picasa is a great tool and it is even more convenient for you if you are using blogspot as your editor. I think my 6 year old Little Dragon enjoys eating as much as cooking. Since she is on the chubby side and loves butter, we often joked that she could be the next Asian Paula Dean.

    Time flies, have fun baking with your girls.

    Dear Fay,
    I used pre-made tart. It is made out of graham crackers and comes in a pack of 6. I burnt 3 in the oven because I toasted it too long. 🙂 After toasting the pre-made shells, leave it to cool before you fill it. Check for expiration dates, if you decide to buy. These tarts are fairly fragile although they come in a good package. So, choose tarts that are not already “broken”. The filling recipe is from the link. I like that filling recipe because it combines mascarpone cheese and heavy whipping cream. Mascarpone Cheese has a hint of sweetness that was why I decided to reduce the amount of sugar. Not all stores sells Mascarpone Cheese. I found Mascarpone Cheese from Trader Joe’s. Since your Mom has diabetes, this dessert may be off limits for her. I bought a pack of Blackberries from Costco (a week ago) and they are as sweet as dessert. So, perhaps that will satisfy her sweet tooth. Farmer’s Market is a good time to visit this time of year. The good thing about Farmer’s Market is your Mom can try out the fruits before she buys them. Fruits are sweet when they are in season.

    I have not had too much success with frozen puff pastries, perhaps because I did not wait until it was defrosted enough, so it always breaks at the seam for me. I like the Pie Crust Mix by Betty Crocker for the flaky skin like Siew Pao. However, for the layered taste of puff pastry, I make my own (if I have the time). I haven’t made the layered puff pastry appetizers for a long time now because it is a lot of work. I should make and share that on my blog sometime.

    Your husband makes Bak Kwa? What a nice husband you got there! “…It is good enough to be sold.” Your Dad is so sweet to compliment the Bak Kwa that your husband made for him. So nice of you all to try out my recipes.
    I hope that your Dad enjoys Portland so far. The weather, these days, is certainly better than Singapore.

    Dear Tigerfish,
    My girls enjoyed their time in the kitchen, as usual. Little Tiger kept telling me, “You’re the best!”

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    Looks like you are a fan of Mascarpone Cheese as well. Where do you shop for them in Colorado?

  9. Blackberries over here in KL can be very expensive, hmmm I would rephrase, it is expensive. So jealous of me that you can get them at your place.

  10. alice

    I have to avoid cheese and butter for the sake of controlling my cholestrol. I love blueberries and it is said to be good for vision but it is hard to get them and expensive too over here.

  11. BigBoysOven,
    Blackberries is probably as expensive in Malaysia as Frozen Durians in the US. Honestly, I will trade fresh Durians with frozen Blackberries anytime.

    Dear Alice,
    I will keep in mind that Blueberries are good for vision. My Little Tiger has bad eyesights. She started reading piano notes and chinese characters at a very young age and I think that may have contributed to her bad vision.

    I haven’t check my cholesterol level. I am afraid to find out because if it is high, I must avoid certain foods as well. My husband’s cholesterol level is high. Although he is pretty good about not eating butter, he loves to eat cheese with his red wine. I need to tell him to control his cheese intake.

  12. wmw

    Yay! Happy pics again….my fave!

  13. Fay

    Thanks for the reminder that mascarpone cheese is sweet. I don’t bake with it often, so am not as familiar with it. Marionberries will be in season soon, so will blueberries. Have you and your family been to pick berries? There are several farms out your way and several near me too (about 15 minutes from WA Square). We love picking berries. Its a lot of fun and my son loves eating off the plants. Its a great way to get lots of fresh berries to eat and also to freeze for baking during the off season and so much cheaper too. My parents like picking fruit as well. My mom has been asking when we can go pick blueberries. She had fun eating strawberries while watching us pick them at the farm last weekend. Check out for info on farms.

  14. Dear WMW,
    Happy pictures are my favorite as well. Every blogger has a “signature”. Mine is happy photos.

    Dear Fay,
    Marionberries is a kind of Blackberries. I wanted to mention about picking berries to you earlier but wasn’t sure if you will enjoy it.

    I think my parents would enjoy picking berries as well. Just hope when they are here, there are berries left to pick and that the weather doesn’t get too hot. The link that you gave me is great. I can check what veges or fruits are in season.

    So, your Mom likes Blueberries. They are one of my favorite Berries. Strawberry is my least favorite, unless if it is coated in chocolate or if it the “long stem” breed. Long stem breed tends to be larger and sweeter. Actually, someone told me that Oregon has sweeter Strawberries than California.

    I think it is a great idea to get lots of berries when they are in season, freeze them and use them in baking, like you said, as well as use them in smoothies.

    p/s Eating berries off the plants in a farm is OK. However, I read somewhere that eating berries off the roadside is not recommended because they have fumes from cars.

  15. alice

    Lee Ping,
    I plead guilty! I just ate macha (green tea) tiramisu which my niece bought to celebrate somebody’s birthday when I went to my MIL’s place. I am taking black vinegar to control my cholestrol but I don’t know if it is effective or not. My sister told me that drinking the water from boiling black fungus or cloud ears (oh bok nee – the bigger type ) with slices of ginger and dates) can reduce cholestrol. I did try it a few times but ran out of the black fungus now and this type is not sold here.

  16. Dear Alice,
    I have never had Green Tea Tiramisu but sounds yummy.

    Mom told me that black vinegar is good for our body. I serve dumplings (chiao che) with black vinegar and thin strip of ginger.

    Mom also said that black fungus and dates are good as well. I bought my black fungus from Canada. Mom also brought over two packets of black fungus (oh bok nee – the bigger type) from Australia.

    My husband’s doctor said diet and exercise is good but he must also take medication to lower his cholesterol.

  17. Where is the little chicken? your children are so adorable. They were having fun in the kitchen and you should let them ‘play’ more often.

  18. Dear Cocoa,
    Honestly, I don’t remember what Little Chicken was doing when Little Tiger and Little Dragon were making Fruit Tart. Perhaps, Little Chicken was having a nap at that time.

    I am blessed to have three adorable children.

    You have a great blog. As I mentioned, I tried your Dorayaki. Mine did not turn out as good as yours, so I think that you are a talented (and patient) cook.

  19. I am sure they are very blessed to have you as their mommy as well.
    I am blessed to have Aidan but sometime juggling between work and family is very tiring.

  20. Dear Cocoa,
    I do my best as a Mom. The time we spend with our children is short. Pretty soon, they will be in college and moving out of our house. I pray that I can treasure each moment that I have with my kids.

    I admire Moms that have full time job and can do such wonderful job of juggling between work and family. Keep up the good work, Cocoa!

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