Table for One, Madame?

When I am not in the mood to cook for myself and baby, and if my husband is too busy to take a lunch break, I usually order take-outs. The following meal was take-out from St. Honore’s Bakery. I decided to bring the food home to eat, instead of eating it there with my 23 month old, Little Chicken, because it was nap time for her.

St. Honore is a French bakery on 23rd street in Portland, Oregon. I posted an article on this restaurant before.

I ordered Brie Bartlett Panini $6.75. This bread roll is drizzled with olive oil and balsamic, layered with Proscuitto, Brie, Arugula, caramelized Bartlett pears and onions, grilled until the Brie cheese is slightly melted.

Since I was in the mood for salad, I also ordered a salad, Roasted Red Beet Salade $8.50. This salad is a meal by itself, I only finished it in two meals. The salad was filled with oven roasted red beets, apples, toasted walnuts, Blue Cheese, house vinaigrette and mixed greens. The salad came in a huge to-go box. I took out 20% of the salad to plate for photo.

A homemade cup of cappuccino with St. Honore’s apricot tart completes the meal.


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20 responses to “Table for One, Madame?

  1. Kenny Mah

    Wow, that’s only 20% of the salad? Incredible… here in Malaysia that would be 80-100% of the whole salad itself!

    I guess everything is bigger in the States… 🙂

  2. everything looks so delicious! look at that apricot tart! bella bella!

  3. oops… thats italian… not french

  4. wmw

    Looks good, thought the food was taken at the the restaurant and not at your home…you surely did a good job arranging your salad. Ha ha ha…

  5. V

    I love your salad, panini and cappuccino. Ok, the tart too. Great pictures, and nice tableware! 🙂

  6. alice

    My dessert is only fruits. If I have cakes and tarts for dessert, I’ll baloon up. In this hot humid weather over here, I have ice-cream. Must go on diet. Eating out makes me put on 1 kg in just two weeks. Didn’t have the time to cook when we were rushing here and there.

  7. Was that lunch? I could handle the panini and be satisfied. Blue cheese is not my cup of tea. That looks like Stilton. Are you able to get Stilton where you are?

  8. The panini looks good! I would love a bite of that apricot tart!

  9. Oooo, look at that brie oozing out of your panini! Yum! Pear and cheese – what a lovely combination!

  10. Thanks for replying to my posts. When I upload my pictures, there’s nowhere I can try to minimse the size. So it always turns out huge. And yes, I will carry my camera with me wherever I go. Taking up your advice.

  11. omg! proscuitto! i love it..esp if its on pizza..but u so seldom get it here in malaysia..always get the cheap rubbish..argh!

  12. Kenny,
    I used to live in Texas and everything was larger there. I guess, Malaysia is not known for its salad so the portion is smaller there.

    Dear Teckiee,
    Madam, vous êtes drôle. Pardon my French…I just used my email editor to translate, “You are funny.”

    Dear WMW,
    My arrangement of the salad did look good but I thought the bowl that I used to display the salad was a little too small.

    Dear V,
    Wow, you liked everything, including the tart. The tableware is about 14 years old. I guess white is a classic that almost stay hip.

    Dear Alice,
    If the fruit is sweet, it makes good dessert by itself.

    Dear Judy,
    We get a great variety of cheeses here. I bought Peach Stilton recently. It pairs well with a dessert wine. My husband does not like it because it is a little crumbly. Since we drink wine and eat cheese on our bed, the Stilton cheese can be a little messy.

    Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    I would love to have a bite of that apricot tart myself. I saved it for my daughters as after school snack.

    Dear WokandSpoon,
    Brie and Panini goes well together just like pear and cheese. I hope I have inspired you to come up with dishes using those lovely combinations.

    Dear Julie,
    You are welcome. I use blogspot to upload my photos and I get a choice of posting in different sizes, small, medium or large. Once it is in blogspot, I cut and paste the photo(s) into my wordpress article.

    Lesson learned; eat Malaysian food when one is in Malaysia and definitely don’t order pizza with Proscuitto.

  13. Aiyo… your pictures look so good especially that tart.

  14. Oh yummy, I love toasted sandwiches! And the fruit tart, oh, I am hungry now!

  15. Fay

    Hi Lee Ping,

    Have you been to Petite Provence? We’ve been there several times now and really like it. It is on 4834 SE Division Street 503/233-1121. Thought you might like to try them some time since you like French Bakeries. Their prices on Baked Items is a little less than St Honore’s I think. I haven’t eaten at St Honore’s (thought it is really close to my office), but have bought baked items there before.

  16. Jonzz,
    Thanks for the compliments. After I posted the photos, I thought they look a little dark but I am glad you think they look good.

    Dear Priscilla,
    You must like toasted Kaya sandwich.

    Dear Fay,
    Thanks for introducing me to Petite Provence. We are always on the lookout for new “good” restaurants. I googled on “Petite Provence” and found their review to be good. One reviewer even said, “Sorry I didn’t go sooner”. I am definitely going there this weekend.

    St.Honore is on the pricey side and it is crowded during peak times. A few desserts are a little too sweet and rich. Once, I was even served with a latte that tasted diluted. So, I am so happy that you introduced me to Petite Provence French Bakery. I showed my husband the restaurant’s address and he is excited to try it as well. Thanks Fay!

  17. lee ping, i guess all of us are waiting for an invitation to your place, when eh? hehehehe love what you have there.

  18. Big Boys Oven,
    I am sure you can produce a tart as good as the local French Bakery here, if not better.

  19. Lee Ping, oh my, you are so right! I love toasted Kaya sandwich. Infact, I have been so addicted to it for the last 2 weeks that I have been having it every morning for breakfast.

  20. Dear Priscilla,
    Do you make your own Kaya? Recently, I visited Lydia’s blog and she had a link to Lazy Chef’s blog. I took down the recipe and was successful in making smooth kaya.

    I also like to eat my kaya toast with soft boiled egg.

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