Happy Father’s Day

Who is this handsome young man?

My Dad, of course. We took this photo over a year ago at the Duck Pond winery tour when Mom and Dad was visiting us.

Pa, I am looking forward to more drinking (and eating) with you when you come in August. We’ll also take more smiling photo of you when you are here.

As I read the Father’s Day article written by WMW, I am reminded that life is short and we cannot turn back the clock.

William says he wants to celebrate Father’s Day on August 8. It is Father’s Day for him on that day. August 8 is “Pa Pa” is mandarin.



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16 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. peter chong

    Dearest Lee Ping,
    Thank you very much for remembering me on the occasion of “Father’s Day”
    On this memorable occasion, let us pray for world peace, goodwill amongst all nations and happiness for every family who valued the commandment “Honour thy father and let him have good health and every happiness on earth.”

  2. may your Father live a long, healthy life! he looks very happy and content….

  3. Dearest Pa,
    You are welcome. I hope that sisters and brother are taking you out for makan tonight. Remember, don’t overeat, OK?
    Love you…Ping

    Dear Steamy Kitchen,
    I was expecting a “hot” comment from you, but this will do and is appropriate for this article.
    I thank God for giving me a father who has been very supportive and very proud of me. Without his encouragements (and money), I would not be where I am today.

  4. Happy father’s day to your dad! And may he have many many more!

  5. alice

    Happy Father’s Day to your dad. I have no father nor father-in-law now.
    Today my 13 year-old son treated his dad and me to a Chinese restaurant (one of those family chain restaurant which are not that expensive). A relative gave my son some pocket money today and he used that money to pay for the treat. My church gave all fathers two cans of “Boss” coffee.

  6. Dear Wokandspoon,
    Thank you. I pray that both my parents will have many more healthy years to come. There are so many beautiful place in this world that they have not visited yet.

    Dear Alice,
    Thank you for your wishes. To me, every day should be father’s (and mother’s) day for me. I should remember to pray for my them, daily. My Dad expressed his concerns for Mom’s health yesterday and I know he is worried. They have been through thick and thin together.

    Your son is very kind. Your husband must be touched by his gestures. I don’t think our church will give “Boss” coffee to fathers this morning. Our church will be studying the book of Zechariah.

  7. wmw

    Happy Father’s Day to your Dad! Your dad is such a cutie! ha ha ha….He looks young at heart! Lee Ping, cherish each and every day with your Papa.

  8. Your dad has friendly, smiling eyes. 🙂

  9. Dear WMW,
    My Dad will be so happy to read your comment, “…such a cutie!” I think my Dad has a big heart because he forgives all of our wrong doings. I will cherish each and everyday with my Papa.

    Dear Lyrical Lemongrass,
    My Dad is quite popular with the ladies. My Mom used to keep a tight leash on him. 🙂

  10. Wow, your dad reads your blog. How cool is that!

    Well, Happy Father’s Day to your dad!

  11. Happy Father’s day to your dad.
    In Aust, Father’s day is first Sunday of September which is why I find it hard to remember sometimes.

  12. Jonzz,
    My Dad reads it almost daily and sometimes more than once a day. The only time that he will miss reading is when he is doing commercial or movie shootings. These shootings take all day and he does not have access to computers.
    He is perhaps my biggest fan. It is really “cool” to have a supportive Dad.

    Dear Judy,
    Father’s Day is first Sunday of September in Australia? Thanks for the information. I guess, Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries.

  13. Peter Chong

    Dearest Lee Ping,
    I wish to take this opportunity thru your blog to express my heartfelt thanks to you and all good -wishers who has written the well wishes to me
    on the occasion of the “Father’s Day”
    Please allow me to say a big “Thank you ” to you all. I am really overwhelmed with joy at the warm
    sentiments expressed therein..
    I wish to congratulate you on the good work which
    you have done and the contribution of the Recipe
    cum prayer blog which will benefit people in USA and abroad.
    I shall lead a healthy life and be of service to

  14. Dearest Pa,
    Blogging is rewarding, isn’t it? You have received many Father’s Day wishes.

  15. Kenny Mah

    Happy belated Father’s Day, Lee Ping’s Pa!

    They say the acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree. Now we know from whom Mrs HBT gets her wonderful sense of self and well-being from.

    Peace to the world! 😀

  16. Kenny,
    “As the acorn bears in its nature an image of the parent, so the Christian bears in her soul the image of God. This is the image to which she is to conform. Day after day, she can grow in grace. Day after day, the beautiful grace of the Spirit can become more beautiful and the exterior life be more perceptibly stamped with the holy image of God. ” C.E. Orr

    I don’t know about Peace to the World, but I pray that I can make a good difference in the people who read my blog and the people who receive my comments.

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