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It is a challenge to write a good article, especially an article that can appeal to a wide variety of audience. If you are a food blogger, I highly recommend you read this article.

Lydia Teh (a Malaysian writer, bestseller of Honk, if you are a Malaysian), when interviewed, was asked what advice do you have for want-to-be writers? She answered, “Cook a pot of glue in the kitchen, apply to posterior and write.” What she meant was glue your bottom to the chair and keep writing. So,

Tip 1: Write, write, write….

Tip 2: Write a rough draft when you are inspired.

Tip 3: In all good articles, there must be a catchy title. The title must relate back to the article, each sentence builds interest to the next, and at the end, leave the reader with a satisfied feeling.

A week ago, I wrote an article on “What makes me happy?” Here’s the follow-up on those darling baby birds.


(photos courtesy of C.Y.)



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14 responses to “Writing Tips

  1. Hi there, came across your blog from other food blog. Your blog title sounds like a book title, is that right?

  2. That’s good advice. It’s so easy to get distracted when I’m writing. Which is why the most I’d do are short, curt, business letters. 😛 Will try to abide by Tips 1 to 3 for my first novel. 🙂

  3. Tankiasu,
    Welcome to my blog. You are right. Stream in the Desert is a book that I keep on my night table. I have named my blog “Stream in the Hip Desert” because I like things that are hip (modern).

    Dear LL,
    How are you? When I wrote this article, I was mainly thinking about new bloggers who are struggling with producing an article. You have no problems with writing. In fact, I have much to learn from you, for example, I had to look up the word curt which means short.

  4. V

    Good tips for a beginner like me! 🙂

  5. Dear V,
    Glad you find the tips helpful. I must thank you for the delicious Panna Cota cream dessert. Rich and creamy. I can’t wait to post it tomorrow.

  6. Panna Cota dessert? Yummy, can’t wait to see pictures.

    I agree that writing for an audience is quite different from writing for yourself, as in a personal diary. It does take a bit of practice. Well, I don’t think I have even attained that. To me, blogging is like writing an online diary.

  7. Kenny Mah

    I love your Tip#3. Simple, yet that’s exactly the sort of article / story a reader would want to read. That’s usually a good clue: asking yourself, “Did I enjoy reading this?”

    And those baby birds: Cute! 😉

  8. wmw

    Good tips….if you think of it, it’s the same with cooking! :o)

  9. Dear EE,
    Yes, Panna Cota. I am so excited that V from East Meets West Kitchen shared this recipe with us. Will post later…
    I like reading your online diary. It gives a glimpse into your daily life. It is hard being a mother, a wife, a maid (one of my readers wrote “maid” on her blog introduction), and blog! I think you have attracted many readers because you have managed to inspire them. You have done it all and done it well with 4 kids!

    Comment from the master, himself. The birds are cute, aren’t they? I thought I leave my readers something they can feel good about after reading this article. I think the candles and white flowers in a vase (in your June 11’s article) worked very well for your female admirers as well.

    As much as I enjoy reading comments from you, I feel bad of taking your precious time away from your real work.

    p/s I would love to see you get a six figure book deal from your blog. It took me a while to find the following paragraph from one of your articles written on May 5. But it’s worth my time digging it out. I think this information is what infant bloggers crave:

    “This what I can tell you. If you want to blog, don’t do it for someone else. Don’t do it to make money, though you can, and there’s nothing wrong with this, just that I feel it’s starting on the wrong foot altogether. (Heck, I’d like to get some spare change from this blog if I can.) Don’t do it to impress your friends or to become popular with a certain group of people. Don’t do it because you think you have to. Don’t do it because you have nothing else better to do.

    You’d be amazed how fast you can run out of steam if you do it for these reasons.

    No, if you’re gonna blog, do it for yourself. Do it cos you want to. Do it so you can share your passions and beliefs and ideas with the rest of the world. (Simply do not expect everyone to agree or feel the same way.) Blog cos you’re happy; blog when you’re sad, when you’re utterly pissed off. (Be careful not to get addicted.)

    Blog because when someone finally leaves a comment one day, you know you’ve made a difference in someone’s day: you’ve made him rethink his stand, you’ve made her feel less alone. You’ve become part of a world by giving yourself, as much as you can, as honestly as you can, on your own terms and not a single letter more, and damn if that doesn’t feel good.”

    Dear WMW,
    I agree. My cooking skill has improved since I started blogging.

  10. I seriously am not a good writer. I started this blog with the intention of showing my food pictures, like Yochana. Little did I know it actually involved writing!! Sometimes I do have something to write about the food and sometimes I really don’t. Just hope that my readers know my blogging style and don’t expect a nice write up. 😛

  11. Dear Little Corner of Mine,

    What attracts me to your blog is the concise, clear, and fail-proof recipes. Your blog provides value to readers and that is why you have accumulated faithful readers for over two years.

    I just came back from Yochana’s blog. I already saw something that I want to try, Chicken Floss Cake Roll. Thanks for introducing me to her blog. There are so many talented blogger mommie’s. I don’t think I will ever run out of cooking ideas.

    Continue to give your readers concise, clear recipes and that will guarantee readers come-back.

    p/s I am sure there are many more young moms that used your Pandan Chiffon Cake recipe and was inspired to bake (like me) or even start their own bakery shop. They just did not leave comments or a thank you note.

  12. I could’t agree more with the writing bit. My mom was the one that inspired me to write. During her most difficult days, she penned down her thoughts, emotions, and once in a while she will publish them. I needed an outlet a few years ago, and since my family are all overseas, that was one good way for them to keep up with the happenings in me and the kids. Anyway, that said, I am still always struggling to think of a catchy title 🙂

  13. What an exhaustive article that is. Thanks for sharing. The bird pix are so cute.

  14. Dear Priscilla,
    Your Mom sounds like a good Mom. You mentioned that your Mom sometimes will publish her thoughts and emotions during her most difficult days? Does she have a blog? I agree with you. Having a blog is a good way for family members to keep up with your life and kids’. Don’t worry about coming up with a catchy title. What I do is publish my article, and then read it online as though I am reading it as a stranger. Sometimes, a catchy title pops up to my head, and I will change the post’s title. At other times, I have rough drafts and after a few days, I revisit, at that time, I may come up with a better title.

    Dear Lydia,
    It is such a privilege for me to have a bestseller writer visit my blog and even leave such nice complements. The birds photos are very cute indeed.

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