Blogging is Like Riding a Bicycle

When my daughter first learnt how to ride, we helped her remove her training wheels, we made sure she wore her protective gears, after a few falls and lots of perseverance and practice, she knows how to ride. Now, all she needs to do is maintain her balance.

When I first started to blog, Alice, Kenny, my Dad and WMW helped me remove my training wheels.

Alice and Kenny encouraged to have faith and blog honestly.

My Dad continued to encourage me through optimistic emails and helped me published a few articles, My Grandpas – Malaysian Chefs, The Women Behind Two Great Men, and Life, what if?

Without WMW‘s photographing tips, I will still be taking blurry photos.

Sometimes, my sweet daughters, Little Tiger (9 yr old) and Little Dragon (6 yr old), would leave love notes for me and I would delete their notes after reading them because I was wearing my “protective gears”. I still do and will continue to do so by continuing to moderate comments from new readers.

Finally, it is balancing between blogging and family life. Little Chicken (2 yrs old in July) loves being read to. Only when I keep my balance will I be able to ride to my final destination for which I am not sure where yet.



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9 responses to “Blogging is Like Riding a Bicycle

  1. V

    How true! Juggling between family time and blogging is tough sometimes. I still have my training wheels on, and won’t be taking them off any time soon. 🙂 Btw, your girls are great riders!

  2. Peter Chong

    Hi Lee Ping,
    Life is full of challenges and struggles. In our life journey, it is full of imponderables and uncertainties. Be brave and juggling between taking care of your family and blogging are tough at times. Do not be afraid to accept this challenge, try to manage your time well, we are sure that you shall prevail against all odds and triumph eventually.
    Good luck and happy blogging.
    Papa and mom

  3. wmw

    I’m honoured that my name is in this post of yours. I’m not a professional….so feel pai seh leh….I do know the only way to improve in photography (or anything else for that matter) is to keep doing it, checking on the results, find out how you can improve on it and do it all over again….Repeat cycle! Your papa left you another comment. So nice….I miss my dad…

  4. When I first started I was also very insecure, I still am a little, I would come back wondering why other people’s blogs are so much better, they blog about real things, worthwhile things, whereas I simply write unimportant stuff. I am still learning.

  5. lee ping: for this rasberry mousse, whisk egg white together with fine sugar plus rasberry puree and rasberry syrup.

  6. lee ping, I am totally blushed when you shower us with all the compliments. Egg based mousse is the original mousse before whipping cream. By the way don’t use topping cream for mousse as some of them taste bitter.

    We are starting 2 new blogs very soon, one for food that churn from our kitchen and another one on food premises that we visited. I am still collecting information at the moment.

    By the way great that to know big boy oven being listed on your food blogger, as for mine, still yet to do the listing. Anyway if you need any help, do let me know.
    Sunny & Sid

  7. Dear V (East Meets West Kitchen),
    I have not seen a better watermelon cake as good as yours. Keep writing and one day you will be able to ride without your training wheels. I just posted some tips to displaying food. Hope you will be able to use it.
    I am very proud of my girls. They learned how to ride effortlessly. If only I can ride with them…..I am such a wimp!

    Dearest Pa,
    Thanks again. I am happy blogging. I often think if I was as serious in school as I am in blogging, what I would be today…

    Dear WMW,
    “…the only way to improve in photography (or anything else for that matter) is to keep doing it, checking on the results, find out how you can improve on it and do it all over again….Repeat cycle!” Agreed.
    Perhaps, someone like me may take more repeat cycles than others. 😉 But, the end results is so rewarding.

    Yeah, my biggest fan is my Dad. He used to type in recipes he find interesting from the library, word for word and send them to me via email. He has bad eyesights and he has typing errors, yet he continued to send me hand typed recipes. Finally, I gave him assignments to write articles for me. It worked out well because my Dad has great penmanship. Yeah, I cannot imagine the day when Pa is not around anymore.

    Dear KopiSoh,
    Look at the number of fans that leave their comments on your blog, I don’t think what you are blogging is “unimportant”. They come back at least once a day to drink kopi at your kopi tiam. Continue to blog from your heart and have fun.

    You boys are really talented. Your latest creation of Raspberry Mousse is unbelievable.

  8. alice

    Lee Ping,
    Thanks for the mention. I am not worthy. I wanted to leave comments earlier but time forbidded me with the passing away of my father-in-law, funeral arrangements, meeting the guests, running errands , etc ,etc…. Sorry for the late comments. I always read your post though sometimes it is back dated ones and even though I have no time to leave comments.

  9. Dear Alice,
    I understand that you have been busy. Remember the letter that I wrote to you on March 27 2007 of this year? I wrote it on my blog because I repeatedly failed to leave it on your blog. Now, I am the expert in leaving comments on your blog.

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