Black Forest Cake (黑森林蛋糕)

Black Forest Cake is a well known dessert all around the world. Typically, this cake consists of several layers of chocolate cake, with whipped cream and sour cherries between each layer. The top layer is covered with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. What I like most about this dessert is the addition of Kirschwasser, a cherry liquor.


This is my first attempt at making Lily’s Black Forest Cake. Thank you Auntie Lily for this recipe. I was tempted to cut a small piece of cake to eat when it first came out of the oven because of the cocoa aroma.

The following will continue to be my challenges in my next attempt in making this cake:
1) equal 3 cake layers.
2) perfect spreadable whip cream (whip cream that is under whipped will be runny, whip cream that is over whipped is not spreadable and will taste and look like butter.

Today is a special day because Little Tiger turned 9 years old.



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31 responses to “Black Forest Cake (黑森林蛋糕)

  1. Peter Chong

    Hi Lee Ping,
    I am delighted to see that you are successful in making the Black Forest Cake for the first time. It looks so good and tempting to eat it. It is most unfortunate that I have not the good fortune to try this beautiful and delicious cake. I hope that you, William and the children will enjoy eating the cake.
    Love and happy cooking.
    Papa and mom

  2. lily ng

    lee ping

    very pretty black forest cake. good job

  3. Dearest Pa,
    It is actually my third attempt at making a Black Forest Cake. My first attempt was not edible. The cake did not rise. My second attempt, the cake rose but it did not look good. Even it did not look good, I still posted it on my blog, it was in my old blog and I had migrated it here.
    William and the children loved the cake. William loved the sour cherry because he thought the sourness complimented well with the light sweetness of the cream. Pa, have you ate Black Forest Cake before? If not, I can make it for you, if you babysit Little Chicken for me, when you are here. 😉

  4. Dear Lily,
    Your recipe is great. Easy to follow.

    I just don’t know how many more attempts before my cake will look like yours because mastering the art of making Black Forest Cake requires good cake decorating skills.


    Hi Lee Ping,
    I look forward to trying out your Black Forest Cake upon my visit to you and your family in Mid –
    I shall babysit Yixian whilst you are busy baking the cake.
    Congratulations to Yi Ling today on her 9th birthday.Wishing her many happy returns of the day-especially from grandpa and grandma.
    Papa and mom

  6. nice job! the cake looks yummy. Little tiger looks lovely in the photo too.

  7. I need a oven so I can try all these recipes soon. ….hehehe and if I turn 9 again, will you bake me one too?

  8. MrsHBT, congrats on your beautiful black forest cake. The other day I was just thinking of attempting to make it as I have a jar of cherries in my larder.
    Your Little Tiger is growing up to be gorgeous! ;-D

  9. Wow it’s been ages since I ate a black forest cake. Care to fedex some?

    And a happy birthday to Little Tiger!

  10. hiya Lee Ping, refering to siew long pao, you need to know a bit about the type of flour you use, as different type of gives you different type elasticity and color. Try use “sui sin pau” flour for siew long pau.

  11. Happy Birthday to Little Tiger!

    The cake looks so yummy! *drooling now* 😛

  12. Good job and great cake. Happy Birthday to Little Tiger.

  13. Your cake looks great – very professional! And Happy Birthday to Little Tiger!

  14. Your Little Tiger is beautiful! She looks very happy on her birthday.

  15. wmw

    Lovely looking cake and yet another happy shot of your Little Tiger, Happy Birthday! It’s so sweet of your dad&mom to leave a comment for you too! A moment to cherish…

  16. Happy 9th Birthday to Little Tiger!

    Good job on your Black Forest Cake too, looks delish!

  17. Happy Birthday Little Tiger. Wow good job on the cake, hats off to you. Eh I miss you at the kopitiam why you never come anymore?

  18. Dear Mandy,
    Thank you for your kind remarks. I was over at your blog and your marble pound cake is beautiful. The fresh strawberries and cherries from the farmers market gave a beautiful contrast to your coffee/cocoa marble pound cake. Most of all is low (er) in fat.

    Dear Teckiee,
    Have you considered getting a small oven? I have a small oven which I use almost daily to toast bread or do minor baking. I don’t think you can turn 9 again 🙂 but, if you ever come to Portland for a visit, I can bake you a cake. Perhaps not this particular on though because it is time consuming and I can’t bring you sight seeing around town…

    Dear Argus,
    Larder is a cool area to store food. I think in the US, we use the term pantry. A tip on the canned cherries, if you attempt to make Black Forest Cake. If you use sour cherries that is soaked in syrup, there is not a need to add anymore sugar. When I was making this cake, I bought a can of sour cherries that was soaked in water (not syrup). In Lily’s recipe, no additional sugar is added to the sour cherries. Although my husband loved the tart cherries, I find them a little too sour for my taste buds.
    Yes. My Little Tiger is beautiful. I told her to smile often, to show her inner beauty. I took a lot of photos during her birthday party but I like this one the most because it was a smile from the bottom of her heart.

    Dear Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Unfortunately, Black Forest Cake tastes best when fresh. 🙂 The fresh cream with fresh chocolate shavings will not preserve well when flown all the way to Malaysia. Chocolate taste best at room temperature.

    Big Boys Oven,
    I am not familiar with “sui sin pau” flour. We have many types of flour here. The flour that I normally use to make Siew Long Pao is the all-purpose flour. Thanks for the information, the next time I am in Chinatown, if I see “sui sin pau”, I will know it is for making elastic Siew Long Pao’s skin.

    Dear Crazymommy,
    Thanks for the cake compliments and birthday wish.

    Dear Judy,
    Thanks for the cake compliments and birthday wish.

    Dear WokandSpoon,
    “Very professional” Thanks for the compliments and birthday wish. I have made a change to my blogroll to reflect that you are located in Germany now, instead of Paris France.

    Dear Msiagirl,
    I agree. My little tiger is beautiful, especially in this photo. Her genuine smile brightens anyones’ day.
    p/s I would like to add you to my blogroll. However, I am not sure which category you would fit in.
    Mommie blogger – you have kids about the same age as mine
    Foodie blogger – you have a few articles on food
    Malaysia writer blogger – you write poems

    Dear WMW,
    “It’s so sweet of your dad and mom to leave a comment for you too. A moment to cherish.” I agree. My dad is my biggest fan. He has not missed an article of mine since I started blogging. If he is out doing a film or commercial, he will always come back and re read the articles he missed.

    Dear Little Corner of mine,
    It is very nice of you to come by again. Yes, 9th birthday. I cannot believe she is 9 years old already. I remember it was just like yesterday when we were researching how to take care of babies. I remember we had to spoon feed her milk because she would not take baby bottles. She was a tough baby to care for. However, this hard-to-care baby had turned into a big girl and even takes care of her baby sisters. Time flies…. Thanks for your compliments on the cake.

    Dear Firehorse,
    Thanks for the birthday wish and cake compliments.
    p/s I frequently come by your Kopi Tiam. I am happy to see that your Kopi Tiam is full of customers. There are many drink choices but I don’t know what to order, so I usually leave empty handed. Also, really glad that your biopsy came back negative. I was very worried for you….

  19. Wah, Black Forest Cake, yummy. Looks good.

    But I find the versions in the cake shops nowadays a pale shadow of the ones I used to have.

  20. Such a nice cake 😀 I think it’s perfect.
    Been a long time since I’ve had black forest cake. Happy birthday to Little Tiger !

  21. Peter Chong

    Dear YiLing,
    Happy birthday to you .
    May you enjoy every moment of your birthday with your friends and family. You look very beautiful in the photo with the delicious Black Forest Cake prepared for you by your lovely mother. You must be grateful to mom for the pain and time to prepare the cake for your birthday celebration. Mom is always the closest person in your life. Love her and be good to her always.
    Love from grandpa and grandma.

  22. hi there, i hopped over from wmw’s blog just in time to wish your little tiger a very belated birthday. you have a lovely black forest cake there!

  23. Your cake looks really good. I haven’t had blackforest for a long time now.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Little Tiger. My second daughter is born in the same year. They do have a bit of a temper, don’t they? 😉

  24. V

    Happy belated birthday to Little Tiger. Beautiful job on the cake too. 🙂

  25. Jonzz,
    Your comment, “But I find the versions in the cake shops nowadays a pale shadow of the ones I used to have.” Pale shadow means not as good? If so, yeah, some shops to cut down on costs, may substitute the cherry with jelly, so it does not taste as good.

    Dear TigerFish,
    Thanks for the wishes and compliments.

    Dearest Pa,
    Little Tiger is asleep now. I will show her your comment tomorrow when she comes home from school. She has said over a dozen thank you to me (and William).

    Actually, I had a great time making this cake and organizing her birthday parties. Her friends did not want to leave and kept asking their parents to come later to pick them up. That itself is a sign of a successful party.

    Dear Babe_KL,
    Welcome to my blog. I guess you are a fan of WMW. I don’t blame you. I am addicted to her blog, her replies and most of all her articles (visual as well).

    p/s I have linked you under Food Blogger with a note KL Malaysia. You have a ketupat photo that I like.

    Dear EE,
    All three of my kids have a little temper and they were born in different years in the Chinese zodiac. Personally, I think it is just a myth that Tigers has more temper.

    Traditionally, in the Chinese family, children born in the year of Tiger are considered as not that good. I remember my 3rd sister who was born in the year of Tiger was forbidden to go to the room of the bride. Poor sis. 😦

    Dear V (East meets West Kitchen),
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Little Tiger will be so excited to see so many birthday wishes for her. And thanks for the compliment on the cake.

  26. Your cake looks great! Great job! Happy birthday to Little Tiger! : )

  27. Dear BlurMommy,

    Thanks for wishing Little Tiger happy birthday and thanks for your cake compliment! I should have waited to reply comments. Now, I feel every comment I wrote is “Thanks for the birthday wish and cake compliments”. I did varied my reply a little on yours. 🙂 It is getting late. I should go to sleep. Everyone else is dreaming by now….

  28. Hello, I hope you got some sleep. Sleep is very important for Mommies! I am sorry to be so difficult to categorise. I am not really a food blogger because though I love food and I am a foodie, I don’t end up being so professional about it – just when I feel like it! I am not really a mommy blogger cos I don’t really blog about that – in fact that’s mostly missing – so what is left? Well, I guess I write my blog to practice writing, really. Maybe you could put me under blog roll 🙂

  29. I knew you were genuinely worried for me datz why I “flew” over to your blog to tell you as soon as I got the news. Thanks once again.

  30. Dear Msiagirl,
    You are right, sleep is very important for Mommies. I had a good night sleep. Did not even wake up to use the bathroom. It is a challenge for me to “categorize” my blogger friends. Blogroll is perfect, why didn’t I think of it?

    Dear KopiSoh,
    Thanks for flying over to tell me the good news.

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