Green Tea Pound Cake


Ching of Little Corner of Mine is one of the Blogger Mommies that inspired me to start blogging. I think she has been blogging for at least two years. She has attracted fans from all over the world.

Green Tea Pound Cake is one of her latest creation. She has a talent to adapt recipes using the fresh ingredients from her pantry and cater to her families’ taste.

I followed her recipe to make this delicious dessert and it was a success. My Little Tiger suggested green tea ice cream to go along with this green tea pound cake. It was a superb idea. The warmth of the cake combined with the cold from the ice cream was divinely delicious. The garnish for the photograph is chocolate mint from my garden.


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13 responses to “Green Tea Pound Cake

  1. Glad you all like the Green Tea Pound Cake. Sure looks good with the ice-cream on top! 🙂

  2. Fay

    Lee Ping,
    I just wanted to let you know that I think the link to Little Corner of Mine in this post links to someone else’s blog (a teenager in Singapore), not the one you intended to list.
    Mmmm …. the green tea pound cake looks great and seems really easy to put together. I’m scouting out recipes to make while my parents are visiting as my mom is diabetic. I’ve tried using Splenda, but it just doesn’t taste the same. Have you used any suger substitues in your cooking or baking? Any tips on where to find good sugar substitute recipes?

  3. Dear Little Corner of Mine,
    Thanks again for the easy to make, fail proof recipe.

    Dear Fay,
    I clicked on the link I previously posted and boy was I surprised. Stream in the Hip Dessert has turned wild! Thank you, thank you!! Thank you for being my extra pair of eyes.

    My Dad is also diabetic. I am not a big fan of artificial sugar. Do a search on Splenda and Cancer in google or any other search engine before you use that product. My friend uses a web site by Dr. Mercola and here is his link,

    I have addressed your questions as follows:
    1) Have you used any sugar substitutes in your cooking or baking? No
    2) Any tips on where to find good sugar substitute recipes? I was attending a sister’s fellowship at church this week and the topic discussed was organic food. The person giving the presentation is a Ph.d. in Food Science. She suggested using natural food (less processed) as much as possible. Fay, at this time, I don’t have any information on sugar substitutes recipes. In my Dad’s case, as long as he doesn’t overeat, a little sugar doesn’t hurt. He takes pills to control his diabetes and I cut down on sugar when I cook for him.

  4. Dear Fay,

    Another website that is trustworthy is US government’s Food and Drug Administration website. Here’s a link on sugar substitutes.

    It is a long article, prepare a cup of tea or coffee before you read it. I will do the same.

    p/s Thanks again for catching my link mistake.

  5. Fay

    Thank you for the link to the Dr Mercola’s site. Yikes!!! …. the testimonials scared me …. my mom has used Splenda off and on, not in great amounts. I will warn her about this. Unfortunately, she isn’t very disciplined when it comes to food. Her diabetes is pretty severe and is also being controlled by medication, just like your dad. It was also one of the major causes of her stroke in 2003, which left her left side paralysed. She can now walk with aid, but has lost most of the use of her left arm. It was when she had the stroke that we discovered her diabetes was so severe, she never told us, and kept it from us even though she knew the severity, and was not regular at all with her medication. Anyhow, even now, she will ask for candy, so we had resorted to getting her sugar-free candy. Not sure what we’ll do now that I know that sugar-free stuff is so harmful.
    Thanks again ….

  6. Dear Fay,

    I am sorry about your Mom. It must be tough not to be able to use all parts of her body.

    You mentioned that she is not regular with her medication. That is a cause for concern. I think it is important for a diabetic person to check their sugar level as often as they can.

    While there are many reports or articles about sugar substitutes or artificial sugar, I don’t think you should worry your Mom about what she had eaten before. What is important is to avoid such foods in future, until proven otherwise.

    If she ask for candy, give her a little of the real thing. I heard that diabetic people also need a little sugar.

  7. Fay

    Dear Lee Ping,
    Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, I definitely agree that a diabetic person should check either sugar levels often and regularly. Mom’s sugar levels are reasonably controlled now that she is regular with her medication. I just still can’t get over how her stroke could have been avoided had she taken better care of herself. Imagine how much horrer we were in when we found packets and packets of unused expired medication and a brand new, still in package glucometer that is now obsolete in her closet we were trying to help her clean out stuff after she had her stroke!!! Well, no sense dwelling over the past … we need to just look forward … I’m so thankful that God gave her a second chance at life and pray she will live it to the fullest for His glory. You could pray for me though …. I tend to get frustrated and upset and proceed to nag her when I see her make poor diet / food choices (like asking for candy – she could eat 10 or more pieces a day if we don’t stop her!) …. of course nobody likes to be told and be nagged at, particularly by your children. If you remember, please pray for God’s patience, compassion and grace on my part so I can be Christ to her. I’m hoping to have more spiritual conversations with her when we are together. Both my parents are believers, but I’ve never really had spiritual conversations of any depth with my mom. My parents will be in Portland mid June through mid July. I’m hoping we will build sweet memories together. They’re looking forward to seeing their younger grandson (5 months tomorrow) for the first time.
    Thanks for hearing me out …. looks like your folks are due for a visit too, later this year. Have a great time with them. Time with our parents is super precious given that we live so far away from them, huh?

  8. Dear Fay,

    I will pray for your Mom when I pray for my Mom. Mid-June, that is coming up soon. If they stay longer, they can meet up with my parents who will be visiting in mid-August.

    Your son is 5 months tomorrow? My daughter is turning 9 years old tomorrow. I am making Black Forest Cake for her. I just got back from buying the rest of the ingredients and party supplies. I will post the cake if I am successful. 🙂

    The reason that you nag your Mom is because you love her. Perhaps today’s Stream in the Dessert will help you out, “Everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith (1 John 5:4). Faith can change any situation, no matter how dark or difficult. Your Mom and yourself are believers so you have one less battle to fight. With faith, I am sure both of you can work things out.

    I have started to memorize a few Bible verses. When I am angry or sad or impatient, I replay that applicable verse in my head. Remember, confrontation should never be done in anger. The Bible says, “The anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.” (James 1:20)

  9. Ohhh I can see from the texture of the cake that it’s light and fine. I got to take down this recipe. And what else do you have in your garden 😉

  10. Dear Teckiee,

    Yes, this is a great recipe and a keeper. In her blog, Little Corner of Mine also shows the photo of the green powder which she bought from Malaysia.

    Aah, my garden also has lavender which blooms right about now. They are blue in color and very fragrant.

  11. wmw

    Anything that is Green Teaish is a fave of mine…..Since I don’t really cook, I usually end up with Green Tea Ice Cream….here is the link for green tea ice cream in Japan itself and lovely green tea cream puff!
    Photos were a lot smaller then as it was from my old camera :o)
    …and green tea ice cream in Singapore
    (don’t have one of Malaysia)

  12. Tempting looking cake, ice-cream and mint, MrsHBT! I’ve only several plants on my apartment balcony, including basil, chives and citron mint. Just now it rained hailstones for a few minutes; hope the plants didn’t get hurt or bruised.

    I’ve uploaded a couple of bread photos on my blog and summarised a few bread-making-from-scratch tips — in case you’re interested. 🙂

  13. Dear WMW,
    Thanks for the links for green tea ice cream. I will definitely link to your articles when I make my own green tea ice cream.

    Dear Argus,
    Hailstones are very bad for delicate herbs but I think your citrus? mint will do just find.
    I will check out your bread photos and bread making (from scratch) tips.

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