What Makes Me Happy?


One of the things that make me happy is when friends say I can use their photo to post on my blog. The above photo was taken by my friend’s son.

C.Y.’s son is just a young boy. I am amazed with his photographing skills. 小弟弟你的攝影技巧非常好!



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14 responses to “What Makes Me Happy?

  1. wmw

    That is such a good shot……Happy! That’s how we should be…towards life…Be happy…

  2. V

    Impressive shot for a young bog!

  3. V

    Oops! I meant young boY! That’s what happens with two tots on my lap and typing at the same time!

  4. This is such an interesting photo. I didn’t think a young boy would angle it so well.

  5. Oh the little birds are hungry! We must feed them!

  6. Dear WMW,
    A compliment from the master herself is definitely an encouragement for the young boy.
    p/s Another thing that makes me happy is reading the comments you leave me.

    Dear V,
    Twin girls on your lap while you are writing this comment. I thank you for your time.
    p/s My baby also jumps on my lap when I turn on the computer. So now, I only blog when she is asleep or when older sisters are playing with her.

    Dear EE,
    That young boy is only 10 years old. His Mom just confirmed his age. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Dear Steamy Kitchen,
    “Oh the little birds are hungry! We must feed them!”
    What a brilliant comment! A good way to tie back to my hip food theme.

  7. Those are amazing photos! Reminds me of the chicks, ducklings and cygnets that are now populating the lake park in the little lakeside town where I live. They’re so cute and lovely. I could watch them for an hour. Then I get to see them grow into gangly ‘teenagers’ later in the year. It’s something I didn’t get to witness much in Malaysia, so I’m making the best of my time now in Switzerland.

  8. Dear Argus,

    Yes. They are amazing photos. The baby bird’s mouth opened ready to be fed. It is very relaxing to sit at the lake park and watch chicks, ducklings and cygnets. I am not surprised that you can watch these little darlings for one hour.

    I agree. I don’t remember seeing ponds or lakes in Malaysia. Just a lot of “longkangs” (drain). 🙂

    You are in Switzerland, wow! Must be a beautiful place….

  9. This photo is taken by a 10yo boy?! I almost cannot believe it. 😛

    By the way, I blog hopped from Earthember’s and I like your blog. I’m going link you up if you don’t mind. 🙂

  10. It’s an amazingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful country. But it’s not as litter-free as one would imagine (S’pore is the cleanest country I’ve been to) — sometimes some smokers leave ciggy butts and some (mostly youngsters) leave their junk-food trash willy-nilly on sidewalks and paths.

    Yes, I marvel at some black lake birds (sorry I don’t know their name) — usually they’re so very greedy and bossy among the ducks and swans, but when it comes to their own chicks, they’d take small pieces of bread I throw into the lake and feed them to their hungry, fast-growing offspring, instead of eating them themselves. Parenthood instinct rules!

  11. Dear Crazy Mom,
    Welcome to my blog. I agree. It is hard to believe a 10 year old took that photo. But his Mom confirmed that he is only 10. A brilliant boy. Sure, I don’t mind being link, I have linked to your blog as well. You have an interesting initial. I guess I can relate. Sometimes, when you are trying to accomplish too many things at the same time, you can feel a little crazy. 🙂

    Dear Argus,
    I look forward to seeing more photos of the beautiful country that you currently live in, Switzerland.

    Black lake birds? I used to live in Klang, Malaysia and we were known for our crows (black birds) but I am sure you are not talking about those birds. Crows are not pleasant to watch at all. They are noisy and they leave “souvenirs” every where, including on humans’ hair!

  12. I’ll take pic of those ‘black lake birds’ one of these days. (No, you’re right, they’re not crows.) They have big webbed feet but their breaks are not flat like ducks’. These make a ‘yapping’ or chirping noise once in a while. Whereas lake gulls can mew like cats!

  13. Dear Argus,

    I look forward to seeing the “black lake birds” that has web feet like duck . No pressure though….

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