Restaurant with a View

Can you guess where the following photos were taken?
a) Malaysia
b) Taiwan
c) Portland Oregon US

Dragon boat

Banana Tree


Yesterday night, we ate dinner at a restaurant in Portland.  Yes, you read it right.  It is Portland, Oregon US.

It is McCormick and Schmick’s Harborside at the Marina. We started with our dinner with an appetizer, Seared Rare Ahi ($10.90) with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce. My main entree was Northwest Salmon ($19.95) sauteed with field mushroom, served with rice sprinkled with some chopped hazelnuts and a few raspberry as garnish. My husband’s main entree was grilled swordfish served with a side of garlic mash potatoes ($23.95); It was fresh catch of the day flown in from Honolulu, Hawaii. The kids’ meal were only ($4.95) and it included soft drink as well as ice cream sundae. Little Tiger had cheesy penne pasta and little dragon had fish and chips (french fries).


The following photographs were taken from the restaurant. Because we reserved ahead of time, we got one of the best seats in the restaurant. We saw at least 4 dragon boats that night. The dragon boats are for the Portland’s annual rose parade.



After dinner, we took a stroll along the beautiful harbor side. I was surprised to see banana trees. I did not know banana tree can survive through the cold winter months here.


The view was breathtaking; The luxurious yachts parked next to the harbor, the Marriott Hotel at one end, the steel bridge which can be raised to allow taller ships to go across, specialty shops and luxurious apartments at the far end.


We have $20 more dollars on our gift certificate. So, we will come back and enjoy the seafood and view again. My husband said he will order salmon next time.



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19 responses to “Restaurant with a View

  1. peter chong

    Hi Lee Ping,
    The photos look familiar to me.There are setting in a Malaysian background with banana tree siting alongside a riverbank.I would venture a guess.
    Is it the Klang bridge ?

  2. c? because u just went to Portland?

  3. I know, I know … must be (c). He he (trying to act smart)

  4. Portland I think, because you’ve filed under Places to eat in Portland… 🙂

    But ya, I didn’t think there would be banana trees in Portland.

  5. Dearest Pa,
    Your comment got SPAMed again. I am thinking perhaps the reason is you wrote your email address as your name. So, I guess, by now you know the answer is not Klang Malaysia. It does look like Malaysia, doesn’t it?

    LotsofCravings, Jonzz, EE,
    You are all correct. I tried to make it easy by filing it under “Places to eat in Portland”.

  6. alice

    My Malaysian friend, who was an expatriate here, grew banana trees so that she could use the leaves to wrap the nyonya kuehs she made. She is also another great cook and even won a Kikkoman contest. But she and her husband have gone back to M’sia for good a few years ago. I have also seen a few banana trees in the backyard of Japanese. Wonder why they grow them and how these trees survive the cold winter and snow.

  7. Hmmm. I wonder if the bananas grown on the banana trees here taste the same as Malaysia’s. The place seems like a good place for dinner. Must check it out if I ever get to Portland. Btw, Lee Ping, I just change the title of my blog!
    So sorry for the inconvenience caused. Hope you have a great time preparing your eldest daughter’s party.

  8. Kenny Mah

    Nothing like a lovely day out with the family… I miss the times when my nephews and nieces were younger and I could still carry them in my arms, one each!

    O but they grow up ever so quickly! *wistful*

  9. Dear Alice,
    I can buy frozen banana leaves here at the local Japanese store, Uwajimaya. They are only about $99 for a packet of 3 or 4 leaves? Yes, it will be nice to have a banana tree right in the backyard.

    Dear Mandy,
    “Fresh From the Oven” is definitely a good name for your current blog.

    If you come by this restaurant, I highly recommend that you talk to the waiter about fresh catch of the day. I thought my salmon tasted better than my husband’s swordfish. My salmon was fork tender and my husband’s swordfish was more like a boiled-in-the-water chicken breast.

    Yes, I love organizing for parties. Birthday parties are fun. Preparing goodies bags, cake, balloons, food. My challenge is to prepare food that are peanut free (some kids have peanut allergy), and backup food other than pizza (for kids that are allergic to dairy).

    You are experiencing sorrow that your nephew and nieces grow up too fast.

    p/s Are you doing alright?

  10. wmw

    I really love the see the photowall of your family outing. So much happiness and I can also feel yours coming from behind the lens. That’s why you take such happy photos. ;o)

  11. Dear WMW,
    That is a great observation. I do enjoy taking happy photos. When others are happy, I share their happiness. 😉

  12. Great view, nice food and happy family, thanks for sharing.

    Love your char siew bao too!

  13. Dear Ching (Little Corner of Mine),

    You are one of the first Mommie bloggers that inspired me to blog. I mentioned you in several places on my blog, in about me, pandan chiffon cake and my upcoming post on green tea pandan cake! Welcome to my blog.

    My family loved the char siew bao as well.

    p/s Are you near Auntie Lily? She is having some problems with receiving comments. For example, she will get questions on flour, but she does not know which article is the reader referring to. My other blogger friend who uses blogspot is also helping out but if you are near Auntie Lily, perhaps you could stop by and give her a hand?

  14. d80yes

    Do you know what is the perfect timing to view your blog?
    After dinner!
    Otherwise, all your post articles make me hungry!!

  15. d80yes,

    What a nice compliment!

    p/s You have an interesting login name. May I know what that stands for?

  16. yeah i was correct! lovely food and looks like you guys had pretty loads of fun..sometimes small kids can do wonders!

  17. Lots of Cravings,
    Yeah, you were right. The photos were ALL taken in Portland. We had a great time. I just wished I had a more comfortable pair of shoes for the walk and a warmer jacket for the chilly night.

  18. I live an hour away from Lily. Actually I asked her to post the problem on her blog hopping that someone would be able to help her because I have no idea why her comments are not coming through her e-mail.

    I didn’t know I was one of the bloggers that inspired you to blog. *blush*

  19. Dear Little Corner of Mine,

    An hour is a bit far… 🙂 Yeah, I hope that her post would encourage people to help her out.

    Yes, you are one of the Mommie bloggers that inspired me to blog. Your pandan chiffon cake recipe was also the first chiffon cake recipe that worked for me. For that, I thank you sincerely.

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