Little Chicken (22 month old) and I have been attending the toddler program at the local library for several months now. And she absolutely loves it there. She listens attentively to stories, play toys with other kids, sings and even dance to music.

Little Chicken loves books and sometimes I find her reading to her dolls.

Summer reading program starts tomorrow. We plan to sign up, start to read at least one book a day and win some prices, perhaps even a trip to Disneyland.



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5 responses to “Library

  1. So good to have such a program to sign up. I will definately sign up if my place has this kind of program. Good for children!

  2. Little chicken obviously enjoys it and is very responsive.
    Little chicken? Kai chai? My aunt used to call her daughter ‘hum kai’ (Salty chicken). Huh??

  3. Dear Beckysmum,
    Yeah, it is great that we have these programs that can stimulate babies minds and develop their social skills. Most of all, it is FREE!!

    Dear Judy,
    I am very proud of Little Chicken. I named her Little Chicken because she was born in the year of Chicken.
    p/s Looking forward to reading Grandmother’s Stories on your new blog, when it is set up.

  4. FREE??? *Envy-lah* I should ask Loong to do his Ph.D there! 😛
    No language problem also, right? Here most of the programs are in Dutch! I am planning to sign up for a class to learn Dutch this coming Autumn , when Anne turns 2.

  5. Dear Beckysmum,

    Yes, all the library sponsored programs are FREE. Their goal is to encourage children to read books. They also encourage parents to read books to their kids. 🙂

    No language barrier. In fact, the volunteer (in the photo) at the library is learning mandarin, spanish, and russian to help people who don’t speak English.

    How long till Loong graduates? In the local U.S. Universities, there are teaching or research assistant’s position available. He can earn money while he studies. And if you plan to take up a course yourself, you could apply a job at the school. Working in school is legal.

    Anne will be turning 2 soon right? Learning a new language will be a challenge but I am sure it will benefit you in the long term, especially if you plan to live in the Netherlands a long time.

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