Beef Kebab

On Mother’s Day weekend, we ate at a Mediterranean Store. We ordered Kebab. After 30 minutes of wait time, our dinner finally arrived at our table. So, this weekend, I decided to make Kebab at home. I highly recommend this dish for anyone who has a barbecue grill at home because it is quick and easy to prepare and cook kebab.

The butcher recommended beef Tri-Tip for making kebab. I cut the beef into chunks and marinated them with Korean BBQ sauce in a ziplock bag overnight. The next day, I put them through metal skewers, alternating with onion, yellow, orange and red bell pepper. Here’s the link to cooking tips for beef Tri-Tip.

A great side dish that complements beef kebab is sweet potato.  You can pre-steam the sweet potato and just reheat on the grill to cut down on cooking time.



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10 responses to “Beef Kebab

  1. i actually bought a bottle of korean marinade..kalbi i think..going to try it with chicken..but maybe i should start a cooking section for my blog..but the rate i do things in the morning..i doubt i have time to take pics!

  2. Lotsofcravings,
    What things that take up most of your time in the morning?

    In general, guys like to cook on the Barbecue Grill. Perhaps is a man thing. My husband had a blast grilling the Kebabs and sweet potato at our barbecue set tonight.

    I think I used Kalbi as well and chicken will definitely taste good with this marinade.

  3. Dang… looking at those kebabs has stirred up my hung.. imagination *cough*. LOL!

  4. Jonzz,
    Stirred up my hung.. imagination*cough*? Do you mean the smoke from the BBQ grill makes you cough?

  5. alice

    Just a quick comment. I wish I live next door to you. If got extra, can pass over! 😀

  6. Dear Alice,
    Ironically, that is the same comment that I wrote this afternoon, to my good friend (my angel) who lives in Texas. I told her that I wished that she was my neighbor so that I can share my Siew Pao. Siew Pao was a success and I will post the recipe tomorrow.

  7. wmw

    I wish we were ALL staying in the same neighbourhood!;o)

  8. Dear WMW,
    I would love to have a neighbor like you, always helping others, and bringing them delicious food wrapped in beautiful packages.

  9. wmw

    I will have to bring “tahpau” food, ‘cos don’t know how to cook! Ha ha ha….So, that’s why would be ideal to live near friends who cook ;o)

  10. Dear WMW,

    You would love staying near me because I am always “experimenting”. Don’t be scared, my neighbors tell me that my cooking skill has improved! 🙂

    Yeah, bring me “tahpau” food; Some crepe wrapped in beautiful box, like the one you brought Lyrical Lemongrass, would be nice.

    I will make you a cup of freshly brewed latte and we can enjoy the crepe together.

    That’s just snacks, for dinner, we can make kebab for my husband to grill on the barbecue set.

    p/s For now, there is no need for you to cook lar because you are in Malaysia. Everywhere you walk to, there is delicious food. Probably cheaper to eat out than to cook and labor at home.

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